While the Water’s Edge studio is still being set up (again.), it was something of a challenge to come up with a good topic. And then I looked up. Where At Water’s Edge is now located (at Water’s Edge, at water’s edge), there is often a “marine layer” in the morning, or even throughout the day this time of year. We call it “June Gloom”.

So this edition of At Water’s Edge is about Clouds.

Fair Wind – Juta Takahashi – Angel (2012)
Shadow Clouds – Dave Luxton – Music From The Firmament (2011)
Magellanic Clouds – Altus – The Grand Expanse (2007)
Above the rainy clouds – Ari PorkiThis Music Plants Trees (2015)
What Clouds Know – Sylvie Walder and Phillip WilkersonTransience (2008)
Parting Clouds – Robert RichOpen Window (2004)
Dust Clouds on the Horizon – Numina – Transparent Planet (2003)
Sonoran Clouds – Lucette BourdinUnder Currents (2009)
Cloud Dancing – Lily Pond Orchestra – Soft Observations (2009)
Broken Clouds – Kuutana – Waking Sun (2013)
Music For Clouds – Jacob Newman – Reflections and Diffusions (2010)
Land Clouds – Jack HertzFog Music 19 (2014)
Like a Riven Cloud – eyes cast downThe Separate Ones (2013)

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