At Water’s Edge at Water’s Edge at water’s edge

At Water’s Edge and the RadHaus recently moved to a new location, back at water’s edge, this time in a building called The Waters Edge. We’re not kidding — this was actually one of the reasons we chose this building.

This edition of At Water’s Edge, then, is all about … being at the water’s edge.

But what does that mean?

The relentless motion of water against the land transforms the shoreline over and over again until, over time, a visitor may not even recognize it. It is the place where journeys begin, and where many end. It can be both beautiful and treacherous, gentle and tumultuous, calm and raging.

Water’s edge, land’s end, that convergence of land and sea and sky, is where great magic happens.


Shallows Of The Golden Shoreline – Andrew Forrest – Infinite Octaves – V1 (2009)

Silver Waves – Juta Takahashi – Albion (2017)

Mare Tranquilitatis
Slow Rapids – Fimus Tauri – Waters (2016)

A Day of Sky (AWE remix) – Antara Annemarie Borg – (2017)

A day of sky

Every thing moves
Nothing stays the same
Flowing to evening
Trusting endlessly

Aglow and trembling
Unveiling what we feel
Drowning and shivering
In a day of sky

Clouds unrolling
Slowly feathering
Quietly spinning
In a place of forgetting

Radiant satin beam
Birds flying on a dream
A mist of memories
And so we are free…

Annemarie Borg

Imaginary Seascape – Joe McMahon – Fog Music 39 (2015)

Night Descends
At water’s edge the sun’s full glory break,
Audacious splendor splashing over sea,
As Helios’ chariot dances over wake,
In blazing cloud entrapped, now pulling free,
Down Daniel’s steps descending into deep
And setting fire to heav’n upon the way;
While Erebus with Nyx in darkness steep
The far horizon, veiling night from day.
And on the shore the salty grasses sway
In ev’ning breeze; their music softly sighs,
The sweetest sounds from slender blades arise,
The fading light transforming green to grey.
And thus descends the night upon the world;
The velvet darkness sweeps ‘neath wings unfurl’d.

Rebekkah Hilgraves

Where the Forest Meets the Shoreline – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 2: Spring (2011)

Along The Shattered Waterfront – Har and Altus – Shadow District (2012)

Ripples In My Mind – Brother Saturn (2017)

Part 2 (The Shores of Ascension) – Palancar – Sea Turtle Island (2008)

At Water’s Edge
At water’s edge is magic:
the constantly shifting line between solidity and restless movement,
between reality and dreams,
The water always in motion, even when calm,
the land quietly waiting,
the water overtaking land, signaling the need for catastrophic change
and other times gently rocking, comforting, nourishing
Water embracing land,
land supporting water.
and silence.
and storm.
Slow change or sudden,
the change is nevertheless inevitable.
At water’s edge is magic.

Rebekkah Hilgraves

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