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Friends Exploring Music Together

One of the best parts of making music is making music together. The ambient community has a reputation for being solitary and isolated, but in fact great collaborations happen quite often. Today’s show is devoted to some of those collaborations — and this barely scratches the surface of what’s available.

In the chat room during this program, one of our listeners asked how collaborations normally happen. I can only speak for myself (yours truly being Rebekkah Hilgraves), but for the collaborations in which I’ve participated, it usually goes something like this:

  1. Discuss rough ideas
  2. Provide raw stems to the other artist
  3. Other artist does their magic and sends it back
  4. Re-record to fit cleanly into the music provided, maybe add effects
  5. Send back and forth and tweak until we’re both happy
  6. Ship it!

In a couple of cases, the artist sends me a track to which they want me to add voice, and I’ll lay stuff over it. In one specific case (a collaboration with J-Walt Adamczyk), the request was very prescriptive, so I simply recorded what he asked and he did the rest.

Stylistically we wander fairly far afield with this program — noise, beatz, chill, poetry, and everything in between. The common theme is that these are collaborations between outstanding individual ambient and electronic artists — great artists that taste great together. Enjoy!


A JOURNEY BEYOND UNDERSTANDING – Cousin Silas And Head Joint – A Journey Beyond Understanding (2015)

A Division of Souls – Mahoney and Peck – A Life Incandescent (2010)

the Rachel suite – part 004 – Rebekkah‘s Cousin Silas – the devil came to me (waag_rel002) (2012)

Afterimages – Chris Russell & eyes cast downMemory Palace (2014)

In his comment on the Facebook announcement for today’s program, Chris mentioned that he and Greg Moorcroft (eyes cast down) are working on a new collaboration, which is reason indeed for celebration.

Cool track you picked! Greg Moorcroft and I are gearing up for the next album later this year. Thanks for bringing us all together today to celebrate community.

A Cold Winter’s Light – Jack Hertz & Wolfgang Gsell – Sleeping Trees On Earth (2017)

Accidental Terrestrial Intervention – Ozone Player and Matt Howarth – Long-Range Influence – (2011)

A Fire Upon The Deep – Jack Hertz and Miguel Ruiz – A Fire Upon The Deep (2011)

The Rise Before, The Falling Away – David Gerard & Michael Brückner – The Electronic Consortium (2017)

A Handful of Dust – onewayness + dRachEmUsiK – A Handful of Dust – Live Improvisations Vol. 2 (2015)

Abort Re-entry – VÆRNA and Head Joint – Way of the Stars (2015)

A Brief Reprieve – Numina and caul – Inside The Hollow Realm (2004)

Abandoned Space Lanes – Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons – The Moorcock Principle (waag_rel097) (2017)

Abandoned Playground – Har and AltusShadow District (2012)

“1 AM, Main Station, Stuttgart” – Martin Neuhold & Wolfgang Gsell – High Noon In Vienna (2016)

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