Vox Ex Machina

While rhythm is the earth’s first instrument, the human voice is ours. We wail (most of us) straight out of the womb, we use it to express ourselves in so many different ways from the very beginning and through our lives. Sorrow, joy, ecstasy, tragedy, collaboration, discovery, humor, and more.

This edition of At Water’s Edge focuses on the voice in music in obvious and non-obvious ways. The music you’ll hear on this program includes voices that are used as we are familiar with them, some include lyrics, some are spoken, others are sung, many are highly altered and heavily processed.

All are beautiful.

Inspired by a single track

The program this week was inspired by Brother Saturn’s latest track, which he sent in the middle of the night. He had made some changes to his production technique, and the results are both stunning and thought-provoking.

Scratching the surface. Again.

Cover collage for Vox Ex Machina episodeAs with last week’s “Music Among Friends” program, the tracks we hear in “Vox Ex Machina” barely scratch the surface of what’s available. We wanted to avoid the obvious, and went digging for interesting tracks that either feature the voice or use it in altered fashion to create a specific atmosphere. There were so many great choices that the program will go long to accommodate even this tiny sampling.


The Voices Within – Brother Saturn – The Voices Within [Dronescape 1] (2017)

The River – Cousin Silas & Majenta – Silas and Friends | vi | part i (waag_rel101) (2017)

River of Road – Cousin Silas and Rebekkah Hilgraves – Silas and Friends | vi | part ii (scheduled for release in summer 2017)

The Webbed Forest – Christopher Alvarado – The Eye of Imagination (2015)

Radius OA – Joe Frawley – Curious Perspectives (2011)

Remembering ‘Stimmung’ (for Stewart) – Glenn Sogge (2016)

thought unifier – Red Clouds (2017)

Written specifically for this program! Thank you James!

The Long Cure – Christian Fiesel – Hagen’s Delight (2016)

We Are – Magnetic Wind – Sounds of Rumi (2011)

Mahadeva – Mala Ganguly – Bhajan Beats (2009)

Do I Dare – Earth Mix – Kimberly Haynes – Awaken Me (2016)

Nirguna – David Vito Gregoli – Om Land (2015)

Chant For A Liquid World – Meg Bowles – A Quiet Light (2011)

Tornel Keep – Altus – The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow (2016)

Led Astray – Altus – Singulus (2007)

Ancient Prayers – Syndromeda – The Legacy of GOD (originally released in 1998, re-released on Bandcamp in 2014)

Voices Sixty Six – Not Your Average Hippy – Warm Ground Dark Sky (2008)

Remembering ‘Stimmung’ (for Stewart, 2016) – Glenn Sogge
Formant synthesis for five ensembles of voices

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