Into the Storm

Inspired by the very beginning of a track by Kit Watkins, this edition of At Water’s Edge takes us into the eye of the storm with sounds of rain, thunder, and wind, along with tracks inspired by those sounds.

Artists include Kit Watkins, Loren Nerell, Janne Hanhisuanto, James Shain, David Gerard, Paul Harriman, and so much more, including works created specifically for this episode.

Among the tracks featured, we’ll hear an hour-long sampling of the new Into the Rift Volume Two: World Wide Storms from Cerebral Audio. There’s a lot more where that came from (nearly 2.5 hours’ worth!), so we encourage you to check out the whole album.

I weep at their terrifying beauty…

This entire program might be interpreted as the journey of one storm, from the first drops of rain and the first hints of wind, through the fury, through its travels across lands and through universes, until it exhausts itself at last…

NOTE: This program is long! Because there was no Edison’s Ephemera this week, and because there’s so much great Storm music, we’re going five hours! Sit back, and ride the storm with us…

Here is the *epic* playlist:

Circle of Rain – Kit Watkins – Circle (2008)
Rain Song – Janne Hanhisuanto – Water Stories (2010)
Raindrops – Janne Hanhisuanto –Water Stories (2010)
These Storms Cast Shadows on the Ocean – Robert Rich & Markus Reuter- Lift a Feather to the Flood (2017)
Cedars Stand Against the Rain – Thom Brennan – Mist (2000)
Green Storm – EugeneKha – Green Quest (2012)
Above the rainy clouds – Ari Porki – This Music Plants Trees (2015)

Morning Rain – Loren Nerell – Indonesian Soundscapes (1999)
Monsoon – Christopher Alvarado – (2017)

Created especially for today’s episode, with thanks from At Water’s Edge!

Slow Thunder – Max Corbacho – Lost Links (2011)
Is It Raining – Sensitive Chaos – Live Unreleased (2008)


Into The Rift Volume Two (2017):
King Of Kings – Delicasession

  • Opposing Storms Are The Bravest In Their Awakening – Wings of an Angel
  • Ostwind – Earlyguard
  • Realm Of The Storm Giants – Tim Kays
  • Beautiful Storm (thing 503) – Daniel Robert Lahey
  • Worldwide Storms I – Glenn Sogge
    * and thanks SO much to Glenn for bringing this release to my attention!

Thunder Voices – Dan Pound – Return To Other Worlds (2012)
Showers – Lucette Bourdin – Soaring Above The Thunder (2005)
i’ve looked at clouds that way – David Gerard – (2017)

This track, created specifically for today’s episode, takes its title from a Joni Mitchell lyric: the song “Both Sides Now” to be specific.

“Edison’s Ephemera 20170708, with Thunderstorm, London, June 20, 2009” – Paul Harriman – Environments (2009)

This is an extract from Paul’s rather excellent Ephemera from two weeks prior to this program, and we overlaid his 2009 field recording of a wild thunderstorm in London.

The Great Storm Of ’94 (Short Version) – Michael Brückner – (2017)
Act 3 – Coastal Storm – Dawn Tuesday & M.NOMIZED – In A Confusion Of A Stormy Sky (2017)
“The Trees, The Wind, And The Clouds” – James Shain – The Nagual Sessions (2017)
Ukko: Ukko and Akka – Fimus Tauri – Airs (2016)

Read more about Ukko and Akka here.

After the Rain – Kuutana – DreamScapes Vol. 1 (2013)

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