Getting to Fifth Bass

It began as a dare…

In the Radio Spiral chat room a couple of weeks ago, a gauntlet was thrown. A certain denizen who shall remain nameless declared that “if Radio Spiral plays a track with five simultaneous bass lines, I’ll run through town naked.” Another denizen shortly thereafter suggested that any program that included such a track should be called “Getting to Fifth Bass”. And so an episode was born.

We tossed the challenge out to the interwebz, and today’s program is the result. We have tracks that vary widely in terms of approach, sound, and mood.

Today’s episode features mostly tracks written specifically for this episode. Some are being released as singles, a few are part of upcoming or previous releases, and they are as wildly varying in nature as their composers.

Be sure to turn on your subwoofers for this one, my friends — and warn your neighbors!


Tracks marked with * were created specifically for this episode.

Hurricane Force – Fimus Tauri – Redhead’s Revenge (2008)

Moon Bass Five* – Gypsy Witch – Unreleased (2017)

Ocean – Pas de la Dame Sauvage – Fracture (2015)

Antanaclasis – George L Smyth – Antanaclasis (2016)

This piece was written for Disquiet Junto Project 0254: Fog and Steam.

  • Step 1: Download these two samples: Fog Horn: Train Whistle:
  • Step 2: Create an original piece of music utilizing just those samples from Step 1.

When taking my seventeen month old granddaughter to the library we go under train tracks on the way. Sometimes we can hear a train coming from a distance so I pick up my pace so that we can see it as it arrives.

I decided to incorporate the sounds of the fog horn and distant train as instruments in Antanaclasis. Just as one can never step into the same stream twice, neither can one hear the sound of an approaching train the same as the similar sounds repeat.

Martyr* – Christopher Alvarado – Unreleased (2017)

The Low Road* – Har (single, 2017)

For those playing along at home, there’s what basses I used in order of appearance:

  • 8 string bass doing the looping ambient pads
  • 6 string bass
  • 10 string Chapman Stick
  • 4 string slap bass
  • fretless 4 string bass
  • 8 string bass harmonics
  • picked 8 string bass

Even the looping ambient pads going on in this are played on processed 8-string bass.

Particle Zoo* – Fimus Tauri – Pillars of Creation (2017, coming soon)

Fimus Tauri tells us:

Following a long period of zero inspiration, I joined Spiral (thank Teresita) and got my mojo back. The upcoming album is not an attempt to be “ambient” (although it *is* about as “ambient” as I get). Rather, it is inspired by the themes and motifs that run through the station and the great artists that have contributed. It is called Pillars of Creation and each track represents one of the forces/events that shaped the way our universe developed. I am over three-quarters of the way through the album and anticipate a release in the next few weeks – to Radio Spiral, first, of course.

White Rat Passacaglia, Fugue, and Round* – Glenn Sogge – Unreleased (2017)

Glenn Sogge described this entry for us thus:

“White Rat…” is based on a passacaglia that I provided to the rock band I played bass with in the early 70s. We used it for extended jams. White Rat was the name of the band.

The Immortal Time Portal, Parts I-III* – David Gerard – Unreleased (2017)

Basilisk* – Altocirrus – Unreleased (2017)

Mindful Symmetry* – Brother Saturn – Unreleased (2017)

Interstellar Harmonics (extract) mp3 – Andrew Forrest – Starseed (1997)

Several Species of Small Furry Yogurts Gathered Together in a Fridge and Grooving with Pineapple* – Paul Landry – Unreleased (2017)

And finally, some bonus tracks that weren’t for the challenge, but fit the vibe:

The Obligatory Bass Drum – Jack Hertz – CONTORTED (2013)

Deep Space – Altus – Black Hole (2004)

The World Below – Magnetic Wind – Chakras (2010)

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