Major to minor

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This edition of At Water’s Edge brings us the second of our new monthly challenges. The challenge for today was to create a long form track (minimum 15 minutes) that started out in a major key and shifted to minor. The interpretations were eclectic, beautiful, and very clever.

Sweet Sorrow

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Perhaps the world has always been ruled by madness where humans are concerned. There have been times of relative peace, but there is always conflict somewhere in the world. In the US, the madness seems to be spinning out of control as madmen infiltrate all levels of government and law enforcement.

The events of the past week dominate the news. Protests, counter-protests, terrorist actions and calls for the death of any who oppose this madness — and actual loss of life — are bitter and disheartening to those who fought to bring inclusion and awareness to this culture.

We face a new civil war, and the threat of a new world war hangs over our head as the current occupant of the White House continues his childish antics on the world stage.

Today’s program, called “Sweet Sorrow”, was originally about partings, but it felt important to expand that to include statements from artists about what’s happening in the world. So while goodbyes are certainly still a key component of the program, they’re placed in the context of both resistance…

High Summer Holds the Earth

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As summer turns golden, flowers bloom and fade and perhaps become fruit. High summer holds the earth…

This edition of At Water’s Edge is all about summer. Never summer, summer in Antarctica, summer evenings, and more. It’s a quiet, lazy, beautiful show… just as summers should be.

Step Into the Light

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On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we journey from darkness to light over the course of the show. We’ll hear music from Dan Pound, Cousin Silas, Robert Rich and more.

This program is inspired by the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit, and is dedicated to those who face the fire and the darkness every day of their lives.

One of the greatest challenges humans must overcome is facing down the darkness. Most of us fear it at our deepest core. For some, darkness means comfort; but for many, darkness is death.
Today we make the slow journey from darkness to light across the hours, fading from deepest black to grey to white. And just as night becomes day, just as winter becomes summer…

…fear becomes peace.

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