Step Into the Light

On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we journey from darkness to light over the course of the show. We’ll hear music from Dan Pound, Cousin Silas, Robert Rich and more.

This program is inspired by the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit, and is dedicated to those who face the fire and the darkness every day of their lives.

One of the greatest challenges humans must overcome is facing down the darkness. Most of us fear it at our deepest core. For some, darkness means comfort; but for many, darkness is death.

Today we make the slow journey from darkness to light across the hours, fading from deepest black to grey to white. And just as night becomes day, just as winter becomes summer…

…fear becomes peace.

Fade to Black – Dan Pound – Interlace (2010)

Black Reflection – Cousin Silas – The Snow Imposed Silence (2010)

Black Skies – Robert Rich – A Troubled Resting Place (1996)

Predawn Darkness – Max Corbacho – Far Beyond the Immobile Point (2000)

Pre-dawn – Emerald Adrift (unreleased, 2008)

A Glimpse of Dawn – Mingo – The Blue Star (2015)

The Grey Horizon – Altus – The Grey Horizon (2008)

The centerpiece (literally and figuratively) of this episode is The Grey Horizon from Altus, performed live in 2008. Both a somber meditation and a paean to hope, this album — like many from Altus — is a single, long-form track that evolves slowly and gracefully over time, allowing the chill light to dawn slowly in the imagination of the listener.

Live performance by Altus recorded January 26, 2008 on Blue Water Drift Dive at
Thanks to Darrell Burgan (Palancar) for hosting the show, and to Pyracantha (Altocumulus) for naming the performance.

How White The Cerulean Sky – Spheruleus – The Disguised Familiar (2009)

The White Space – Tone Ghost Ether – The White Space (2008)

Tone Ghost Ether is a collaborative improvisational ambient project comprising artists Kit Watkins, John Tlusty, and Brad Allen. The music was composed and performed live, on the fly, and is almost completely untouched.

Later Summer, When the Skies Turn White – usr/sbin – Inter Solstice (2005)

usr/sbin is also known to the ambient community as Dennis Moser. Dennis is not only a talented guitarist and ambient artist, he is also a pretty amazing photographer and professional academic archivist. In that life, his research includes the preservation of digital cultural heritage materials; as a performing musician, you may see him in Second Life (either as AldoManutio Abruzzo, usually performing live music, or as Maxwell Biddle, the quintessential digital archivist/librarian).

White As The Harvest Moon – Caul – Green Is The Night And Out Of Madness Woven (2012)

Breath of White LightChristopher Alvarado – Terra Relicta Presents: Vol. I Dark Ambient (2015)


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