High Summer Holds the Earth

As summer turns golden, flowers bloom and fade and perhaps become fruit. High summer holds the earth…

This edition of At Water’s Edge is all about summer. Never summer, summer in Antarctica, summer evenings, and more. It’s a quiet, lazy, beautiful show… just as summers should be.

Summer – Jack Hertz – Gilded Skies (2013)

Crossing The Never Summer – Conni St Pierre – Mountain Spirits (2009)

A Summer in Antartica – Kuutana – Undiscovered Shores (2013)

Endless Summer – Cousin Silas – Endless Summer (waag_rel008) (2012)

Andromeda – Altus – Sidereal Cycle 2 (2012)

Midsummer Bonfire – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 3: Summer (2011)

Sublime Summer – Darkened Soul – Seasons of Dark and Light (2009)

Summer Thunder – Robert Rich – Echo of Small Things (2005)

Lazy Summer Evening – Sensitive Chaos – Live Unreleased (2009)

Under Summer Stars – Jeff Pearce – Follow the River Home (2016)


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