Water Transformations

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It’s time for another At Water’s Edge challenge! This week’s challenge was to find water […]


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The journey is often much more interesting than the destination.

This edition of At Water’s Edge is a continuation of last week’s theme, Transit. This time we journey west with a brand new track from Tim Kays, as well as a journey through our own archives.


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There are many sorts of transitions — a commute, a long journey from one place to another, an inner journey, a job change, and so on. We concentrate on traveling, and as we have noticed in similar past programs, trains provide great material.

Late Summer Gold

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As the summer wanes and autumn approaches, the colors of the sky and the landscape around us change, becoming warm and golden. The harvest will be coming in soon, but for now we enjoy the last lazy days of summer.

Of course it can be easily attributed via scientific explanations to the number of particulates in the air, the angle of the sun and how it’s refracted through the atmosphere, and so on.

Beyond the science, there is something truly magical about the color of the late summer and early autumn sky. We’ll hear from several musicians who paint it with sound.

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