Late Summer Gold

As the summer wanes and autumn approaches, the colors of the sky and the landscape around us change, becoming warm and golden. The harvest will be coming in soon, but for now we enjoy the last lazy days of summer.

Of course it can be easily attributed via scientific explanations to the number of particulates in the air, the angle of the sun and how it’s refracted through the atmosphere, and so on.

Beyond the science, there is something truly magical about the color of the late summer and early autumn sky. We’ll hear from several musicians who paint it with sound.

Summer – Frozen Lonesome – This Music Plants Trees (2015)

A Golden and Blessed Casket of Nature’s Marvels – Caul – Reliquary (2012)

Golden Contrails – Cousin Silas – Complex Silence 9 (2010)

August Buzz – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 3: Summer – (2011)

Ruby for the Sun – Max Corbacho – The Talisman (2006)

Summer Shower Interlude #4 – Tim Kays – Phenomena (2015)

The Golden Hills – Cousin Silas – Lift The Sky (2016)

Great is the Sun – Lucette Bourdin – Golden Sun (2009)

Gilded Sky (Quiet Mix) – Jack Hertz – Gilded Sky (2013)

The “long form” second part of a two part series released on We Are All Ghosts, Gilded Sky along with its companion release Gilded Skies represents some of the very best of ambient music.

Pillar of Golden Light – Cloudwalk – Forgotten World (2017)

For Glad And Golden Hours – Caul – Green Is The Night And Out Of Madness Woven (2012)

Late Summer Meadows – Bing Satellites – Twilight Sessions Volume One (2010)

Sunday Colours – Sylvie Walder and Phillip Wilkerson – Transience (2008)

In The Summer of Dreams – Dweller At The Threshold – Nocturnal Vision (2008)

Sunmotes in Your Eyes – Altus – Macro (2008)

Sun Valley – Michael Brückner – Drones (2001)

Anthem for a Sunny Day – Paul Harriman – For Love or Money (1997)

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