There are many sorts of transitions — a commute, a long journey from one place to another, an inner journey, a job change, and so on. We concentrate on traveling, and as we have noticed in similar past programs, trains provide great material.

This episode of At Water’s Edge is built around a couple of tracks from our friend Mystified (Thomas Jackson Park) with Robin Storey (of Rapoon Fame), remastered in 2012 by Ben Cox. Thomas brought it back into AWE’s radar range a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed like a great centerpiece around which to build a program.

Sojourners in Transit – Lucette Bourdin and Phillip Wilkerson – Coast to Coast (2011)

Zoo Station Transit – CASSIEL – Listen Move (1998)

Light Travelling – Numina – Shift To The Ghost (2007)

Battery Street (Third Movement) – John H. Lewis and Darrell Burgan – Battery Street (2008)

Slow Movement – Deepwarmth – Balance (2014)

A08 – Fabio Keiner – Slow Movements (2009)

Traveling Starry Skies – Christopher Short – Guitartronics – Winter Soundscapes 2014 (2014)

The Romance Of Train Travel – Sensitive Chaos – March of the Timeshifters (2015)

Mystified with Robin Storey – Music For Transit (2011)

  • Robin Storey Transit Remix
  • Deep And Still

The Dangers Of Trainspotting – Ozone Player – Videozone (2001)

Light Traveller – Altus – The Grand Expanse (2007)

Fly – Gregg Plummer – Invisible Bird (2008)

Slow Movements – EugeneKha – Slow Movements (2017)

The man on the train – Joe Frawley – How they met themselves. (2016)

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