This edition of At Water’s Edge is a continuation of last week’s theme, Transit. This time we journey west with a brand new track from Tim Kays, as well as a journey through our own archives.

The journey is often much more interesting than the destination.

A New Journey – Syndromeda – Attack! (2006)

New Terra – EugeneKha & West Remi – This Music Plants Trees (2015)


Westward (to America) – Tim Kays – (2017)

Tim Kays’ “Westward (to America” is an overture for an imaginary documentary, based upon the old turn-of-the-century films and images of mid-19th to early 20th century European immigrants boarding wooden ships and steamliners on their way to a new life in America.

Journey to Origins – Christopher Alvarado – Creation By Inertia (2014)

The Journey Home – Lily Pond Orchestra – Suite For New England (2011)

Another Journey – Gregg Plummer – Many Souls (2003)

Journey – Magnetic Wind – Astral Vortexes (2010)

The Wind Sings Softness – James Shain – Windowless Journey (2016)

This album musically describes a bicycle wreck James had in July of 2014. He was run over, never knowing who hit him, and taken to hospital with severe injuries. Through that whole experience, this double album serves to capture the feelings down into music of the day, the night and the recovery afterwards. A true storytelling ambient masterpiece told in the artist’s musical words of shimmering drones, soothing pads and low-range melodies of hope and fear.

The Journey Continues – Dan Pound – Reflections (2005)

Journeys from the Gravity of Mind – Silvercord and Altus – Lullaby (2010)

A JOURNEY BEYOND UNDERSTANDING – Cousin Silas And Head Joint – A Journey Beyond Understanding (2015)

Journey to the Heart of Time – Sequential Dreams – Lost Dimensions (2015)

All journeys must end – the_kodek_ghost – Shoemaker Levy 9 Commemoration (2014)

Journey’s End – Altus – Excursion Three (2014)

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