Water Transformations

It’s time for another At Water’s Edge challenge! This week’s challenge was to find water sounds and do something interesting with them. The water could be in any form (solid, liquid, vapor), and the only restriction was that it had to be actual water, not synthetic water-like sounds. Otherwise, fair game!

The results were, as you might expect, wildly varied. Some artists used water sounds as a backdrop; some used only the water sounds, heavily processed; many were a combination.

And yes, there is a “peebient” track or four. LOL!

Note: The original tracks created for the program are now available as a downloadable album. Any donations received for the album go directly to support radio station operations. Thank you!

Rivulet – Conni St Pierre – Mountain Spirits (2009)

Waterland – Beermother – At Water’s Edge (2017)

Lluvia – Christopher Alvarado – (2017)

Under The Surface (Watermusic Part 1) – Christian Fiesel – (2017)

Lakeman’s grooving the water music – Playman54 (Unreleased, 2017)

States – George L Smyth – States (2017)

Water can exist in the three states, gas, liquid and solid.  States looks at these three, with recordings of each, the family tea kettle, overflow from Lake Kittamaqundi, and cracking ice.
  Gas – written for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Vibraphone
  Liquid – written for Violin, Viola, Cello and Vibraphone
  Solid – written for Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba and Vibraphone
The scores can be found through the PDF link at: http://bit.ly/States-Music

Remembrance vol.2 – Planet Tolerance – Remembrance (2011)

L’Esprit des Eaux – Luna Firma (Ron Charron and Eric Taylor) – L’Esprit des Eaux (scheduled for release 2017)

Hidden Oxide Orgy – Palancar (aka Darrell Burgan) – (unreleased, 2017)

This track is nothing but water sounds (including some, ah, potty noises), created in a few hours, and submitted about 14 hours before showtime.

drip – Joe McMahon (Unreleased, 2017)

Similar to Palacar’s track, Joe submitted this at pretty much the 11th hour. The track was made from freesound.org samples, one in particular that was rhythmic and interesting — then, of course processed in inimitable Joe McMahon fashion.

Blessed Ordinariness – Skr0!nk – Random (unreleased, 2017)

This track consists of sounds you find in a kitchen: ice in a crystal wine glass, boiling water, water from the faucet sprayer, with some voice layered over it, and all is layered and processed beyond recognition. The sounds that resemble a soft-mallet cymbal roll were the ice cubes being dropped into a glass, then altered using software effects: vocoder, reverb, reverse, selective EQ, and paulstretch at varying rates. The result was a happy accident, so this track definitely qualifies as “experimental” ambient. The text is “Blessed ordinariness. Peace in the home. Serenity in the kitchen.” It’s the first formal release of a track for this new ambient project.

Light Through Water – Joe McMahon – Ocean Music (2009)

If it hadn’t been for Palancar persuading Joe that this album was worth releasing, it would never have seen the light of day. But boy, are we glad it did. Elegant and moody and gorgeous, this album exemplifies Joe’s style. Unlike much of the ambient canon, which relies heavily on resonance and “space” for effect, Joe’s tracks are often dry and quite spare, creating a kind of contemplative intimacy that is entirely unique.

And the Underwater Music Goes On – Bing Satellites – Accidental Music Volume One (2010)

Beneath Still Water – Thom Brennan – Strange Paradise (2001)

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