These Times

We live in “interesting times”, according to that Chinese curse. It’s probably true that there are few times in human history that are *not* interesting in history books, because conflict seems to be how humans operate.

But these seem to be especially dark times as we collectively deal with weather disasters, financial disasters, political disasters, and the exquisitely ugly troll nests that are social media platforms.

Now that autumn is approaching in the northern hemisphere, somehow these dark times feel even darker. Today’s program explores the darkness of these times, and the particular darkness that some souls feel during the shadowed months.

But the darkness is not total. While yet we live, there is hope.

A Seed in the Darkness of Earth – grüm~pé – Images of Europa (2016)

Reach Out In Darkness – Gypsy Witch – Unspoken (2017)

“Unspoken” tells the story of those thoughts we all have that we cannot express. Everything from forbidden loves to regrets; secrets that can never pass our lips, and never will. Although others can’t sense those things – they’re still there. Here is the music of secrets that we never reveal, emotions that make us part of who we really are.

Darkness Gathers – Ombient – (unreleased, 2003)

gloO(H)M – Twilight Transmissions – Black Heat (2015)

Black Heat is inspired by the grays and insight of winter, and is dedicated to all who suffer seasonal depression. Twilight Transmissions are Christopher Alvarado, I.v. Martinez and Helen Cox.

Foot of the Crow - coverFoot of the CrowJohn Vorus (2017)

  • Initiation
  • Raven Medicine
  • Night Sounds
  • Calabash
  • Seer
  • Skeleton Land
  • Creatures of the Back Water
  • Unraveling Vortices

Didgeridoo player and electroacoustic/ambient music composer John Vorus creates darkly tribal music for a darkly tribal age. Using reverb heavy electronic processing, John blends modular analog drones, nocturnally sourced field recordings, tribal drum machines, didgeridoo, and processed vocal samples.

Darkness Into Light – Giles Reaves – Sacred Space (2001)

Out of the Darkness II – Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Darkness and the Light (2009)

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