Another of the At Water’s Edge challenges, this episode centers around a couple of rather magical numbers, sometimes even together!

The challenge was: Write a track that includes the use of 7/4 time as its foundation. Time signatures can change through the course of the track, but 7/4 time should occupy a significant portion of the track.

Composers who responded came up with as widely varied interpretations as you can imagine, and they’re all excellent.

Then, to fill out the show, the second and third hours are devoted to “Seven” and “Four”, respectively.

HOUR 1: SEVEN FOUR (challenge tracks)
after the floods
after the world drowned – Playman54 (2017)

Week’s End – George L Smyth – Week’s End (2017)

Our lives are surrounded by memories and anticipation. This is why we love Fridays and refer to it as TGIF. The same can be said for me with Sundays, where the anticipation is always that tomorrow has always been either a school or work day.

Week’s End deals with Sunday, the last day of the week. It is a day most of us do not work or deal with school, and while it is enjoyable, there is always that anticipation of the dreaded Monday.

Sevenfour – Carbonates On Mars (2017)

“Sevenfour” was created using iOS app Gadget by Korg on an iPad for this challenge.

Interrupt Mask
The Missing Bit- Parityflux (2017)

7/4: The Long Return – David Gerard (2017)


The remainder of this program comprises tracks from the RadioSpiral library, brought to you by the numbers seven (7) and four (4), respectively. 🙂


Blue Seven – Glenn Sogge – Chilled (Not Shaken, Not Stirred) (2016)

The Seventh Wave – Charles Denler – One Drop Became an Ocean (2017)

No 7 – Phillip Wilkerson – Seven Piano Improvisations (2007)

Book of Ecstasy – Robert Rich – Seven Veils (1998)

Seven Days – Bing Satellites – Of The Seven Seas (2014)

Variation Seven – Rigel Orionis – Variations on Sonic Integrity (2010)

The Mystery of the Seven Stars – caul – Reliquary (2012)

Seven – caul – Under A Thousand Miles Of Stars (2011)



Angel Box Four – Joe Frawley – Angel Boxes (2010)

Phase four – Dan Pound – Lunar Effect (2008)

und four – Bing Satellites – und (2013)

Four Billion Cubic Kilometres of Shining Papyrus – The Omega Core – Massive Black (2011)

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