On this edition of At Water’s Edge, the topic is FIRE. You might be thinking, “too soon!”, but there’s method to our madness. In addition to hearing some awesome tracks from the RadioSpiral library, we’re going to talk about ways you can help relief efforts around the fires in Southern California fires, still burning out of control.

Don’t forget, too, that Haiti, the Virgin Islands, and many other places in the world are being affected by disasters both natural and human. We’re reminded thanks to our listeners that the US Virgin Islands were hit twice: St. Thomas was devastated by Irma then St. Croix by Maria, and they have been ignored badly.

Haiti, too, has not only been ignored, but Haitians who took refuge in the US are being summarily sent home by the Potato-In-Chief.

Please help when and as you can; as humans we must have compassion and help as we are able.

“Part 3 – Dawn of a Forest Fire” – Muied Lumens – THE ABSTRACT (2017)

“Fire Walkers” – Ma Ja Le / Vir UnisImaginarium (1998)

“The Pit: Anger” – Altus (Canada)The Elements: Fire (2002)

The original version of “The Elements: Fire” released in 2002 (in a very limited fashion) was very different from the version available now.

Three tracks were cut: two dark ambient tracks–one ending with crazy beats bathed in distortion. The third track was some boring techno nonsense.

The second track “Spark” made the cut, however used completely different patches. The original version also had loud bangs, some minor rhythm elements, and weird robot sounds.

The overture and finale tracks remain the same, albeit with added strings to liven up the mix.

The only track that remained untouched was “White Light”, which just received some minor EQ tweaking.

In 2005, I re-mastered the existing tracks, and wrote “Scintillation (Parts 1 & 2)” and “Warmth” to replace the tracks I removed.

Re-discover “The Elements: Fire” today.

“Plague & Fire” – Paul Nagle – CyberDiver (1996)

“A Fire Upon The Deep” – Jack Hertz and Miguel RuizA Fire Upon The Deep (2011)

This recording pays homage to Vernor Vinge’s science fiction novel A Fire Upon the Deep, a gripping tale of galactic war told on a cosmic scale. The music was created, performed, and produced by Jack Hertz and Miguel A. Ruiz. It’s available on the 45 Echoes Sounds label.

“By the Fire’s Light” – Shane MorrisEquinox (2011)

“Fire In The Stone” – Giles ReavesSacred Space (2001)

“Ictus Of Infallibility” – Anantakara, featuring Mukti – The Never Dying Fire (2017)

“Twilight Fires” – Lily Pond Orchestra – Suite For New England (2011)

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