As Above, So Below

We take a musical journey through the alien scapes of outer space, innerspace, and underwater, with tracks by Robert Logan, Philip Wilkerson, Robert Rich, Stephen Briggs and Disturbed Earth, Joe McMahon, Bridge to Imla, Bing Satellites, and a new track by anantakara.

We also pay tribute to Wolfgang Gsell, who changed his cosmic address this week.

The scapes of outer space are mysterious, often beautiful, often terrifying. So, too, is the deep underwater of our home planet. Today we explore both. The late Wolfgang Gsell, whose music fits right in with this theme, has been one of the finest creators of ambient / space music, a talented photographer, radio host, and a genuinely nice person. He will be greatly missed, and the music he leaves the world makes him immortal.

Enjoy your new cosmic address, Wolfgang, and thanks for the music.

“Endless Sea” – Robert Logan – Sculptor Galaxy (2017)

“Constellation 8” – Wolfgang Gsell – Constellations Of The Day (2017)

“Among the Nebulae” – Phillip Wilkerson – Among the Nebulae (2010)

“Life In The Ocean Of Enceladus” – Wolfgang Gsell – Dreaming Astronaut (2015)

“Momentum Laps” – Anantakara (2017)

“Inner Cosmos” – Wolfgang Gsell – Inner Cosmos (2015)

“Nesting on Cliffsides” – Robert Rich – Bestiary (2001)

“Grains of sand” – Stephen Briggs & Disturbed EarthGrains of Sand (2017)

“Light Through Water” – Joe McMahon – Ocean Music (2009)

In the words of the composer: This track brought to you by the lexicon vortex and “how slow can the sequencer go?” Each track here was recorded blind, with all the other tracks muted. I didn’t hear until I finished all of them.

“Shatsky Rise” – Bridge To Imla (Hans-Dieter Schmidt & Michael Brückner) – The Radiant Sea (2017)

“And the Underwater Music Goes On” – Bing Satellites – Accidental Music Volume One (2010)

“The Immortal Spirit” – Wolfgang Gsell – Chip Mantra (2013)

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