Over Tone

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On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we present the next challenge. This time, artists created tracks incorporating the extensive use of overtones and harmonics, and the results are truly fascinating. There were many different possibilities and approaches: acoustic guitar, synthesized sounds, filters, and so on.

The tracks used strings, voices, wind instruments, electronic instruments, field recordings, pink noise, an altered harmonic oscillator, harmonic scales and alternate tuning, and… stuff.

The first half of the program dipped into the RadioSpiral archive, as there were some very interesting tracks extant that demonstrated the principle quite nicely. Then, about halfway through, we get to hear the new challenge tracks created specifically for this episode. Those tracks will be released as another compilation on RadioSpiral’s shop page; all donations via that page help support station operations.

Who Dares

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Much of life is about courage. An infant’s first steps, a fledgling’s first flight, a leap of faith, opening one’s heart to love, facing an enemy, approaching a mystery.

These all require, at their start, that first gulp of fear, then the breath of conviction, and finally the leap into the unknown. To be alive is to be audacious.

Today we celebrate acts of audacity with music by Robert Rich, Dan Pound, John DuVal, Caul, Ma Ja Le and Vir Unis, Sequential Dreams, Gypsy Witch, Bing Satellites, Syndromeda, Wings of an Angel and Tziona Achishena, Palancar, and Altus.

In the Dark

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The solstice is past, but winter in the northern hemisphere is still very much upon us, with long, dark nights and short, cold days. This edition of At Water’s Edge travels through several kinds of darkness, some warm, some frigid.

In the eastern United States, the weather is hellishly cold, dangerously so, with temperatures well below 0° Fahrenheit and wind chills even worse.

Dark days, floods and ocean surges, which cover the landscape and then freeze, endanger life in that part of the country. We hope for the return of the sun to warm the land.

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