In the Dark

The solstice is past, but winter in the northern hemisphere is still very much upon us, with long, dark nights and short, cold days. This edition of At Water’s Edge travels through several kinds of darkness, some warm, some frigid.

Return the sun…

In the eastern United States, the weather is hellishly cold, dangerously so, with temperatures well below 0° Fahrenheit and wind chills even worse.

Dark days, floods and ocean surges, which cover the landscape and then freeze, endanger life in that part of the country. We hope for the return of the sun to warm the land.

“Darkness Gathers” – Ombient – Unreleased (2003)

“Into The Dark part 7” – Cousin Silas – The Sound of Silas (waag_CDr001) (2014)…/the-sound-of-silas-wa…

“Darker Skies Toward the Horizon” – Altus – Black Trees Among Amber Skies (2010)

“The Eternal Dark” – Bing Satellites – Twilight Sessions volume 7 (2011)…/twilight-sessions-vol…

“Home Before Dark” – usr/sbin – Home Before Dark (2010)

This long form track is part of a huge series, where usr/sbin released a new album once a month for that whole year:
A year with Luna: 12 monthly meditations on the Full moon
Volume nine: a luminous harvest

Music performed by Dennis Moser (aka AldoManutio Abruzzo or usr/sbin)
Live in Second Life on October 22nd 2010
for the Full Moon Lunacy Concert series, 2010

“The Darkest Evening of the Year” – Palancar – Crooked Little House (2011)…

“Into the Light I” – Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Darkness and the Light (2009)

(Image By Naumenkophotographer – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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