The women of the music world are gaining well deserved recognition. But music is music, no matter whose mind creates it. It has been sadly true that women often get the short end of the stick in being acknowledged. Today we change that for a moment.

We’ll hear a wide sampling of new and archive music from women artists, from sweet and contemplative to driving and powerful, noise/glitch, math and more.

We feature Else Lebec, Dawn Tuesday, poemme, Gypsy Witch, Altocumulus, Conni St. Pierre, Skoddie, Tantroniq, Meg Bowles, Antara Annemarie Borg, Candy L, VAERNA, Magnetic Wind with Tim Jones, and ʞu¡0ɹʞS.

“Taaly Maaya: Come with Me” – Elise Lebec – Origin: One World Turning Project (2017)
“Stark Effect” – Dawn Tuesday – ♀ (2017)
“clouds of breath” – poemme – Soft Ice (2017)
“A Little SteamFunk” – Gypsy Witch – ♀ (2017)
“August anxiety” – Altocumulus – Household apocalypse (2010)
“The Unread Story” – Conni St. PierreMythical Creatures (2018)
“NGC 5264” – Skoddie – ♀ (2017)
“Hello Zero One” and “Numbers” – Tantroniq – Hello Zero One (2010)
“Hymnus 1” – Meg BowlesEvensong: Canticles for the Earth (2018)
“Vayuna or Encounter” – Antara Annemarie Borg – ♀ (2018)
“Cead Mile Failte” – Candy L – My Blood Across The Sea (2018)
“Red Carnations” – VAERNA – ♀ (2018)
“metanoia” – Magnetic Wind and Tim Jones – (single) (2017)
“Casta diva” – ʞu¡0ɹʞS – ♀ (2017

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