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From Disquiet Junto #323, “Music for Meditation”, this is a sampling of the entries. Curated by RadioSpiral admin Joe McMahon (whose entry for the challenge we aired last week), this selection represents our top choices from the over-six-hour playlist.

The Center Must Hold

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Today’s edition of At Water’s Edge is inspired by a recent Disquiet Junto challenge, “Music for Meditation”. Two tracks from there (one from our SpudMeister, Joe McMahon), created the frame around which today’s program is built.

“Things fall apart…”

I don’t know about you, but this past week was stressful on many levels. Our stress levels are rising, and our channels for finding serenity are fewer and farther between.

As a culture, we’re surrounded by noise, conflict, cruelty, destruction, and fear. And while we must work to mitigate these things, we must also find our own calm center…


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This edition of At Water’s Edge is, perhaps predictably, about the return of spring. And Southern California is celebrating RAIN!!

The sun returns and brings new life…
Winter is hard. The darkness seems to overtake anything and everything, and we close in on ourselves.

It’s been a particularly difficult winter, with outrageous weather, too many tragedies, and the general angst of a frightened people. But spring is coming.

We the Resilient…

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At Water’s Edge is finally back on the air, with another challenge episode — and it is challenging indeed. We asked for “Protest” tracks, with no other restrictions. The few entries we got are great.

The Arts are always where change happens…
There is so much good in the world… and so much darkness. These days it seems like the darkness is winning. So what can we as artists do? What we always do — make statements with our art.

Today’s episode of At Water’s Edge will be challenging, and not just because these were challenge tracks — the role of art is to shine a light on ourselves. And today’s music is no exception.

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