This edition of At Water’s Edge is, perhaps predictably, about the return of spring. And Southern California is celebrating RAIN!!

The sun returns and brings new life…

Winter is hard. The darkness seems to overtake anything and everything, and we close in on ourselves.

It’s been a particularly difficult winter, with outrageous weather, too many tragedies, and the general angst of a frightened people. But spring is coming.

“Before Spring” – Spheric Lounge – Session 87 01.03.2008 (2008)

“A Month Long Sunrise” – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 2: Spring (2011)

“Spring” – Jack Hertz – Gilded Skies (2012)

“Almost Sunrise” – Andrew Lahiff – Unreleased (2004)

“Equinox” – Shane Morris – Equinox (2011)

“Magellan Sunrise” – Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons – Interplanetary Blues (waag_rel079) (2015)

“Sunrise” – DeepWarmth – Nature 2 (2015)

“Heliotrope” – usr sbin – Vernality (2005)

“Serra Sunrise” – Mingo – Sky Over Sea (2013)

“Into Spring” – Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas – The Quiet Forest (waag_rel030) (2013)

“Forest Sunrise” – M.Nomized – This Music Plants Trees (2015)

“Spring Equinox” – Paul Harriman – Ephemera Volume 1 (2012)

“Lunar Sunrise” – Alpha Wave Movement – A Distant Signal (2002)

“Mist Before Sunrise” – Audio Gourmet – Earth’s Exit Door (2008)

“Sunrise on the hill” – Ishq – The invisible landscape (2014)

“melting streams” – poemme – Blooming Spring (2017)

“Spring Thaw” – Jack Hertz & Wolfgang Gsell – Sleeping Trees On Earth (2017)

“Equinox” – Kuutana – Waking Sun (2013)

Author: Rebekkah Hilgraves

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