Things that go strange in the night

The “Things Strange” challenge tracks are on the air this week, and we’re delighted to tell you that we have well over an hour just of challenge music alone, and then lots more strange music from the RadioSpiral library.

For this episode’s challenge, we have Gareth Farmer (“Carbonates on Mars”) to thank for the parameters. The requirement was to create a track around the arpeggiated sequence C E G B C’ B G E C.

The objective was not simply to recreate the Stranger Things theme music (for those familiar with the show), but use those notes in a sequence, in any order. The results were surprisingly and wonderfully varied!

Part I: The challenge tracks

  • “Something Stranger This Way Comes” – Glenn Sogge
  • “Stalked Under Water” – Skoddie
  • “Sauvager Things” – Pas de la Dame Sauvage
  • “TL – VECT” – George L Smyth
    • The idea of this piece was to use the arpeggiated sequence C E G B C’ B G E C that is used as the basis of the Stranger Things theme song. This sequence is actually extraordinarily similar to the Tron: Legacy – Visual Effects Concept Test, thus the title of this piece. Unlike most of my music, this has no program, so leaving the title as is makes sense.

      The piece is written for five string and five woodwind players – Flute, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Bass.

  • “stranger things in minds of men” – playman54
  • “Identity Code” – Parityflux
  • “Stranger Synths” – Carbonates On Mars
  • “The First Process” – Desert Mystic
    • First track in 6 years that hasn’t crashed my DAW
      First all Roland VST Track (D50, JV-1080, TR808, Jupiter-8)
      First Recording on my AxeFX II XL +
      First Recording assisted by my new Coffee Maker

  • “Stranger Pings” – VÆRNA

All of these tracks will be included in an album release soon at the RadioSpiral shop.

Part II: The library tracks

“Broken Memory; Desolation” – Mirror of Dreams – (2018)

“Broken Memory; Desolation” is the new single release from Mirror of Dreams, and will be also included in their new album pending release in 2018.

Mirror of Dreams is:

Kris Tilbury: vocals, voice textures/effects, synths, harp, lyrics.
Har: 6- and 12-string guitars, bass, drum programming.

“Strange Times” – Paul Nagle – Red Book (2001)

“Strange Lights in the Mist” – Christopher Short – Guitartronics – Winter Soundscapes 2014 (2014)

“The Voices Behind the Veil” – Different Skies – Strange Lines and Distances (2007)

“Strange Symbols of Some Kind” – Bing Satellites – Perpetual Motion (2016)

“Strange Paradise” – Thom Brennan – Strange Paradise (2001)

“Odalisque” – Joe Frawley – Strange Weather (2018)

“Strange World” – Mike Andrews – E-motion (2002)

“when the sun is a stranger” – poemme – Soft Ice (2017)

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