52 Stories Up

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Another of our challenges here on At Water’s Edge, today’s program, 52 Stories Up, only received two responses (and they’re GOOD!), so most of the show is devoted to tracks that tell stories.

The challenge was… well, challenging. A few months ago, I posted an image on Facebook, a spectacular view of downtown Los Angeles from the office where I was working. I mentioned that it was 52 stories up, and of course the puns started flying. Stories (as in tales), and cards, and great wordplay ensued. A challenge was born: create a track that incorporates elements of both your favorite story and your favorite card game.

The remainder of the program relies on the RadioSpiral library, where we went spelunking for tracks that told stories in one form or another.

Give the Children Back

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This is a podcast-only episode.

It’s a protest show, a prayer, a hope, a rant, a wish, an exhortation. Given all that’s going on in the U.S. this past week or two, your host couldn’t remain silent. So this program is one long wish to





Predictable if you know me at all.

This episode features music by Palancar (Darrell Burgan), Tony Gerber, Scott Lawlor, Brother Saturn (Drew Miller), Robert Rich, Michael Brückner, HeadJoint (Michael Jobborn), Giles Reaves, Darren Harper, Phillip Wilkerson, and Lily Pond Orchestra.

Our Houses

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Take Two! Continuing the previous episode’s collaboration challenge and theme, we bring you more tracks by two or more artists — two of which were created specifically for the challenge, and the rest from the RadioSpiral library or elsewhere around the interwebz.

We’re also featuring a new album in its entirety, Memories of Akhenaten, from Chris Russell and Dawn Tuesday, and a long form track from Dan Miñoza and Symatic Star.

Music is better with friends. 🙂

Our House

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Another challenge episode, the call was to find a collaborator or two and create a track together, whether it was artists that had worked together before, or who had always wanted to work together.

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