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Take Two! Continuing the previous episode’s collaboration challenge and theme, we bring you more tracks by two or more artists — two of which were created specifically for the challenge, and the rest from the RadioSpiral library or elsewhere around the interwebz.

We’re also featuring a new album in its entirety, Memories of Akhenaten, from Chris Russell and Dawn Tuesday, and a long form track from Dan Miñoza and Symatic Star.

Music is better with friends. 🙂

“Z3ta Fx” – PHOBoS feat. DrSteveThe Incredible Steverino (2012)

Dr Steve: one day, on my [Electro-Music] port, I was testing a softsynth called z3ta which came with SONAR. Z3ta can also be used as an FX processor. SONAR also came with convolution reverb software called Perfect Space. From what I read, it is a non-full featured version of Pristine Space from Voxengo.

PHOBoS recorded my test and then used it to come up with what I think is a really nice track.

PHOBoSthe track was entirely done in Acid music studio: here’s a screenshot (not showing the last tracks):

“The Tudor Rose” – Cousin Silas and Gypsy Witch – Our House (2018)

Gypsy Witch (aka Diana Smethurst) named this track because the Tudor is a merging of the symbol of House of York and the House of Lancaster. Cousin Silas lives in Yorkshire, Gypsy Witch lives in Lancaster. Gypsy did the stoney bits, and Cousin did the guitar lead.

“A Chance Meeting in Avilion” – Spiral and Gypsy Witch – Our House (2018)

Gypsy Witch and Spiral met in Second Life in a region called Avilion; hence the title. Gypsy created the drones and Spiral created the additional layers over them.

“Days of Magic” – Erik Wøllo and Byron Metcalf – Earth Luminous (2016)

“A Curator’s Tale” – Greg Hurley, Paul Vnuk Jr. & Brian Good – The Moss Garden Sessions (2013)

Two tracks from Disquiet Junto:

The Disquiet Junto project is a weekly challenge offered up to any who are interested. With a shorter timeline than the At Water’s Edge challenges, and generally shorter track duration requirements, the results are very different, sometimes a little uneven, but overall a fascinating study in the many different approaches artist can take. Each individual artist brings their own unique experience and perspective, so the aggregate result of each challenge becomes a great playlist in and of itself. Read about the rules for each challenge by following the links:

Chris Russell & Dawn Tuesday – Memories of Akhenaten (2018)

  • “From the Nebula”
  • “Sphere World”
  • “Obelisk”
  • “Spirit of Aten”
  • “Soaring Above”
  • “Time of Tep Zepi”
  • “Memories of Akhenaten”
  • “Star Chamber”

Memories of Akhenaten is an ambient journey into a forgotten past where the rulers or gods were descended from the stars.

In Chris’ own words:

In early 2017 I approached Alaska-native Dawn Tuesday for a collaboration, and it became evident early on through conversations that our album would have a extraterrestrial theme. Both fascinated with the Ancient Alien theory and early Egyptian rulers, we found our subject in the already cosmic and trance-inducing music that was flowing from the both of us. We feel we have tapped into an ancient soundworld and hope you the listener can enjoy the album while preferably gazing towards Orion. Maybe the music gathered here will trigger long lost memories from the time of Tep Zepi.. 

We would both like to thank our friends and families for their support of our art as well as Geoff Stewart and Steve Brand. 

This album is dedicated to Erich Von Daniken and the Ancient Astronauts who came before us.. 

“Star Chamber” – Dan Miñoza and Symatic Star – Star Chamber (2012)

“Singing Metal” – Different Skies Ensemble – Back To The Cliff (2007)

One of the many excellent tracks from Different Skies (waaaaaaaaahhhh!), this one featured Joe McMahon playing singing bowl and John DuVal (he of “Fist of God” fame) playing kalimba, and everyone else in that year’s ensemble filling in as directed by Mike Metlay.

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