Give the Children Back

Because of town-wide internet issues the past couple of days, this is a podcast-only episode.

It’s a protest show, a prayer, a hope, a rant, a wish, an exhortation. Given all that’s going on in the U.S. this past week or two, your host couldn’t remain silent. So this program is one long wish to





Predictable if you know me at all.

This episode features music by Palancar (Darrell Burgan), Tony Gerber, Scott Lawlor, Brother Saturn (Drew Miller), Robert Rich, Michael Brückner, HeadJoint (Michael Jobborn), Giles Reaves, Darren Harper, Phillip Wilkerson, and Lily Pond Orchestra.

“Earth Child” – Syndromeda – The Legacy of GOD (1998)

“Children of Earth, Dogs of War” – Palancar (Darrell Burgan) – Momerath (2003)

“The Extraordinary Burn of Hatred” – Palancar – Momerath (2003)

“Eternal Mother” – Tony Gerber – Ancestral Spirit (2009)

“feeling Tears” – Scott Lawlor – Child of Rage (2016)

“Old Enough to Remember” – Phillip Wilkerson – Familiar Voices (2010)

“Young Enough to Forget” – Phillip Wilkerson – Familiar Voices (2010)

“The Child Ephemeral” – Palancar – Counting Raindrops (2014)

“Styx and Stones” – Brother Saturn (Drew Miller) – Far From Home (2014)

“Memories of Home” – Robert Rich – Nest (2012)

“For Our Children’s Children” – Michael Brückner – Ombra Revisited (2014)

“The River of Grandfather Moon” Head Joint (Michael Jobborn) – Red Sky Blue Smoke

“The Return Home” – Giles Reaves – The Deep End (2000)

“The Journey Home” – Lily Pond Orchestra – Suite for New England

“The Path Home” – Darren Harper – Time Forgotten (2009)

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