Today’s episode of At Water’s Edge is called “Origins”; we explore our roots, our beginnings, our origins. That can take many forms, depending on your personal mythos, so we go exploring in the Garden, in polar ice, in the stars, in the roots of trees, and more.

Where do we begin…

As you may know, recently I moved to a little town on the inland waterways of North Carolina — so, yes, we are still at water’s edge. I’m here for my mother, but interestingly, despite our all scattering to the four winds when we were younger, my father was born in a little town about 50 miles from here, and much of that family has been rooted here for generations.

Our personal beginnings, our cultural beginnings, our planetary beginnings… we all start somewhere, and those starting points all help define who we are individually and collectively. Who we are as individuals is a culmination of all those things, and what we do with the knowledge of those things along the way.

“The Beginning” – Lucette Bourdin – Oceanic Space (2006)

“Garden (2014 version)” – Michael Brückner – Ombra – Revisited (2014)

“Organic Seas” – Robert Carty – Ecoroots (2014)

“Roots Breathing Down” – Conni St. Pierre – Forest Spirits (2013)

“On Being Ancient, a Faculty for Surviving Disorder” – Jack Hertz – The Last Songs of a Dying Tribe (2018)

“Garden of Eden” – Stephen Briggs & Disturbed Earth – Grains of Sand (2017)

“Suntribe” – Max Corbacho – Moontribe (2004)

“Orb Origins” – Dreamhub – Ambient Gardens (2009)

“Polar Ice (Original Version)” – Scott Lawlor – Polar Isolation (2018)

“Garden” – Arcticology – Haven (2009)

“The Root is One” – Palancar – Shallow River Flowing (2017)

“Volga Tribal” – EugeneKha – River Songs (Echoes Sounds Edited 2013) – (2010)

“Beginning” – Fred Becker – The Forest Dreams (2017)

“The Walled Garden” – Robert Rich – Numena and Geometry Disc 1 (1997)

“Raingardens” – Thom Brennan – Mist (2000)

“Begin to Remember vr 2” – Echo Us – To Wake A Dream In Moving Water (2017)

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