The topic for this edition of At Water’s Edge was elusive. Something about summer heat, but that might have been too obvious, not to mention overdone. Okay then, something else about being near the water? Yawn.

But then Mom mentioned the local tales of Blackbeard the pirate, his treasure, and a buried princess. So this episode explores mysteries, secrets, and shadows. We’ll tell you what we know of Blackbeard and his legendary presence in this part of the world.

Edward Teach, or Edward Thatch, was more famously known as Blackbeard the pirate. He ran aground nearby at one point in his career, and was even pardoned by the English Crown, but then took up his trade again. It is said that he buried treasure in these parts, and even left a princess stranded here!

His formidable appearance gained him the name, and his behavior gained him his reputation. Never mind Johnny Depp, this guy was fearsome! However, stories have it that he wasn’t quite as horrible as your typical pirate tended to be: except when it was necessary, he apparently avoided violence, relying instead on his carefully crafted image to get what he wanted.

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