This week’s show theme suggested itself through the weather. It’s been raining off and on for a few days, and the sound of it is rather wonderful here. We feature music of Max Corbacho, Dan Pound, Sensitive Chaos, Robert Rich, Janne Hanhisuanto, Robert Carty, Syndromeda, Thom Brennan, Ari Porki, Forrest Fang, Tim Kays, Palancar, Loren Nerell, and Charles Denler.

Rain has been one of the more popular subjects of music, especially in the ambient genre, for what are probably obvious reasons. Even by itself the sounds of rain evoke their own moods, depending on the nature of the rain itself.

Here in coastal North Carolina, the rain can sometimes be a comfort, but when it comes with tropical winds, can be disastrous. I’m happy to say that lately the rains have fallen in the former category. So today we bring you comfortable rain. Ahhhh…..

“Distant Summer Thunder” – RadHaus.Studio – At Water’s Edge (2018)

“First Rain” – Max Corbacho – Vestiges (1998)

“Rainforest” – Dan Pound – Change of Weather (2015)

“August Rains, Were Those Tears” – Sensitive Chaos (2010)

“Veil of Mist” – Robert Rich – Rainforest (1989)

“Raindrops” – Janne Hanhisuanto – Water Stories (2010)

“Midnight Rainbows” – Robert Carty – Midnight Rainbows (2001)

“Rainforest fever” – Syndromeda – The best of tapes (2008)

“Days of Rain” – Thom Brennan – Vista III (2006)

Above the rainy clouds” – Ari Porki – This Music Plants Trees (2015)

“Midnight Rain” – Forrest Fang – Following The Ether Sun (2017)

“Summer Shower Interlude #4” – Tim Kays – Phenomena (2015)

“Counting Raindrops” – Palancar – Counting Raindrops (2014)

“Morning Rain” – Loren Nerell – Indonesian Soundscapes (1999)

“Catching Rain” – Charles Denler – One Drop Became an Ocean (2017)

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