For the Birds! or, Avian Flew

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On this edition of At Water’s Edge, another of our challenge episodes, this one having birds as its basis. We received over an hour of music from five artists: Museleon, Glenn Sogge, Skoddie, playman54 and Carbonates on Mars.

The challenge was to take field recordings of coastal North Carolina birds that we recorded, and do… something… with them. As with the frogs, the field recordings had to be the only source material, but artists could do anything they liked with them — cut them up, process them, turn them upside down, whatever. These samples were the source material.

We’re winging it for the rest of the episode (see what I did there?), with tracks from the Radio Spiral library, including works by Bing Satellites, poemme, Robert Dorschel, Specta Ciera, John Vorus, Gregory Bond, Dan Pound, Shawn McClure, and Lucette Bourdin.


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This summer has been ridiculously, painfully, destructively hot. 
So what do we do? The only thing we can — we make music.

Even here in North Carolina, where it’s been raining so much that I often have a moat around my house, it’s still hot as blazes (and humid, but that’s a different topic).

Elsewhere, fires rage, and environments unaccustomed to heat are experiencing record-breaking temperatures. So today we illustrate it with music from the RadioSpiral library.


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Late summer is its own phenomenon, where the heat settles in, the colors slowly begin to fade and turn golden, and a few leaves already start to fall.

As high summer wanes and the light begins to change, the colors of the earth change. Early harbingers of autumn begin appearing, in random golden leaves, in the occasional fallen branch, in the angle of the sun.

As autumn approaches, the harvest begins to come in. Fruits fall from trees, leaves fall, and although perhaps temperatures haven’t yet begun to follow suit, the feeling is in the air. On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we fall.


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Every now and then, it’s nice to take a quiet day. Here in coastal North Carolina, it’s been raining for weeks on end. Today brings that kind of gentle rain that makes it a good day to stay inside.

On such days, one is inspired by gentle pursuits: reading, visiting, listening to quiet music. Today will be a day of droney drift to accompany the drifting rains…

We’ll hear a variety of long form ambient music from some of our favorite artists in the Spiral archives.

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