Every now and then, it’s nice to take a quiet day. Here in coastal North Carolina, it’s been raining for weeks on end. Today brings that kind of gentle rain that makes it a good day to stay inside.

On such days, one is inspired by gentle pursuits: reading, visiting, listening to quiet music. Today will be a day of droney drift to accompany the drifting rains…

We’ll hear a variety of long form ambient music from some of our favorite artists in the Spiral archives.

“Where House” – Cluster Balm – Drone Download Project Year 2 Bonus Disc (2005)

“Drone 003” – Phillip Wilkerson – The Dream Beneath (2007)

“City of Drones” – Mystified – City Of Drones (2008)

“Drone I” – Arcticology – Eternal Now (2009)

“Drones (2017 Continuous Mix)” – Michael Brückner – Drones (2001)

“A Thin Drone Silence Side B” – Jack Hertz – A Thin Drone Silence (1989)

“Let Every Doubt Pass By” – Altus – Innerspace (2016)

“Drone Meditation #1” – Stephen Philips – It’s a Droney Droney World (2008)

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