Late summer is its own phenomenon, where the heat settles in, the colors slowly begin to fade and turn golden, and a few leaves already start to fall.


As high summer wanes and the light begins to change, the colors of the earth change. Early harbingers of autumn begin appearing, in random golden leaves, in the occasional fallen branch, in the angle of the sun.

As autumn approaches, the harvest begins to come in. Fruits fall from trees, leaves fall, and although perhaps temperatures haven’t yet begun to follow suit, the feeling is in the air. On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we fall.

“Falling Leaves” – Desert Mystic – (unreleased) (2014)

“Ambient Fall” – Wolfgang Gsell – Sound Paths (2017)

“As Summer Slides To Fall” – usr/sbin – The Dying Light of November Days Disc 1 (2007)

“Begins to Fall” – Andrew Lahiff – The Distant Lights of Forgotten Places (2004)

“Bright Fall” – Vidna Obmana – Passage In Beauty (The Trilogy Disc 1) (1996)

“Cascade Falls” – Erik Wøllo – Different Spaces (2017)

“Dice Are Falling” – Spheric Lounge – Session 74 05.04.2007 (2007)

“The Fall Of Winter” – Thom Brennan – Vista (2005)

“Falling Rain” – Sonoprint – Water Music (2008)

“The Falling Curtain (Elements 1)” – Cousin Silas – Gallimaufry (2015)

“Falling Asleep At Sunrise” – Michael Sandler – Impending Lunar Ascent (2007)

“The Rain Falling on the Sunshine” – Scott Lawlor – show me the glint of Light (2016)

“Falling” – Altus – Autumn Breeze (2005)

“Forever Falling” – Numina – Shift To The Ghost (2007)

“Like Falling Forever” – Different Skies – Arcosanitarium (2009)

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