This summer has been ridiculously, painfully, destructively hot.
So what do we do? The only thing we can — we make music.

What in the blazes…?

Even here in North Carolina, where it’s been raining so much that I often have a moat around my house, it’s still hot as blazes (and humid, but that’s a different topic).

Elsewhere, fires rage, and environments unaccustomed to heat are experiencing record-breaking temperatures. So today we illustrate it with music from the RadioSpiral library.

“Heat Haze” – Juta Takahashi – Light and Shadows [Disc 1] (2017)

“Live E” – Burning Artist(s) Sale – Reheat (2010)

“Too Hot in Hell” – Syndromeda – Last Days on Earth (2006)

“Pondicherry Heat” – Lucette Bourdin – Seeking Ganesha (2008)

“Heat Stroke” – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 3: Summer (2011)

“Slow Heat” – Syndromeda – In Touch with the Stars (2001)

“Shimmering” – Robert Carty – Photonic Movements (2011)

“Black Heat” – Twilight Transmissions – Black Heat (2015)

“Summer Haze” – Pamplemousse – (Unreleased, 2002)

“Rising Heat” – Dan Pound – In A Hummingbird’s Dream (2005)

“The Hottest Day of the Year (Part 1)” – Bing Satellites – Twilight Sessions Volume 8 (2011)

“That Merciless Sky ~ Pale Blue Heat” – Different Skies – That Merciless Sky (2009)

“Heated Sky” – Kit Watkins – Circle (2008)

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