Un soffio…

A breath, a sigh…

After an exhausting month of storms and their aftermath, this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge takes a breath. Or three. Today’s program explores sighs of resignation, regret, and relief. We’ll feature music by Giles Reaves, Cranial Mythos, Dawn Tuesday and M. Nomized, Jaime Munarriz, Altus, poemme, Medicine Man, Daniel Robert Lahey, Lucette Bourdin, Caul, Silvercord, Robert Dorschel, and Max Corbacho.

…di rassegnazione

“The First Breath” – Giles Reaves – The Deep End (2000)

“The First Resignation”
“The Last Resignation” – Cranial Mythos – Asphalt Salad (1987)

“Act 3 – Coastal Storm” – DAWN TUESDAY & M.NOMIZED – In A Confusion Of A Stormy Sky (2017)

“Storm Fervish Storm” – Jaime Munarriz – Into The Rift Volume Two: World Wide Storms (2017)

“Remnants” – Altus – ECOTONE (2011)

…di rimpianti

“Fading Comfort” – Altus – The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow (2016)

“when the sun is a stranger” – poemme – Soft Ice (2017)

“Sandstorm Lament” – Medicine Man – Cerulean (2007)

“Beautiful Storm (thing 503)” – Daniel Robert Lahey – Into The Rift Volume Two: World Wide Storms (2017)

“Glacier Lament” – Lucette Bourdin – Under Currents (2009)

…di sollievo

“A Sigh is the Sword of an Angel” – Caul – Reliquary (2012)

“Symphony of Sighs Movement 2 (Rapture)” – Silvercord – Symphony of Sighs (2010)

“Sigh of Relief” – Robert Dorschel – Sweet Nothing (2015)

“The Great Breath” – Max Corbacho – BreathStream (2008)

(Image by Keith Smith, Towndock.net; sunrise over Lou Mac Park pier after two hurricanes destroyed it and destroyed it again.)

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