The second of a two part series, this week we focus on various kinds of courage: daring to dream, daring to look into the future, daring to leap, daring to love.

Last week we heard music about Truth and perception, and observed that telling the truth can sometimes make one vulnerable. So truth is, in fact, a kind of dare.

We’ll hear music by mindSpiral, Different Skies ensembles from a couple of different years, Ben Cox, Emerald Adrift, Altus, Sequential Dreams, John DuVal, Glenn Sogge, SiJ and Paul Minesweeper, Syndromeda, usr/sbin, and Ricky Kej with the Soweto Gospel Choir and a ton of other great musicians from the album Shanti Samsara.

“Brave the Future” – Altus – The Time Collection [Disc 1] Ghost of Time (2014)

“Brave New World” – Sequential Dreams – Lost Dimensions (2015)

“Ring Jump” – John DuValOnward Through The Fog (2008)

“Leapfrogging the Time-Space Continuum” – Glenn Sogge – Musicks For Annoying Your Neighbors (2016)

“Concealed Love” – SiJ & Paul Minesweeper – Duftérose (2016)

“Ballad of Love and Mystery” – Syndromeda – Last Days on Earth (2006)

“Call Down The Stars To Weave A Wreath In Your Hair” – usr/sbin – 3 Love Songs in the Key of D(rift) (2006)

“Love (Spiral’s) Upwards” – mindSpiral – Triangulum (2009)

“Precipice” – Emerald Adrift – Shifting Labyrinths (2011)

“Conquering the Void” – Different Skies – That Merciless Sky (2009)

“Everything and Nothing” – Different Skies Ensemble – Back To The Cliff (2007)

“The Jump” – Ben Cox – multi threaded (2003)

“Samsara” – Gary Nicholson, Soweto Gospel Choir, Shankar Mahadevan, Ani Choying Drolma, Jennifer Gasoi, Alexis D’souza, Mehmet Sanlikol – Shanti Samsara: World Music for Environmental Consciousness (2016)

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