Sunset, Sunrise

This week on At Water’s Edge, another challenge episode! Similar to the M2m (Major to minor) challenge, the artists were to start with something dark, and then shift it to light by the end, or vice-versa…

Five artists stepped up to the challenge this time: playman54, Glenn Sogge, George L Smyth, Tony Gerber, and Palancar. The album is now available at the RadioSpiral shop.

For the second half of the program, we will dwell in sunrises and sunsets from the RadioSpiral library, with music by Tone Ghost Ether, Max Corbacho, Matthieu Bélanger – Claude Lassonde – Christopher Short, Robert Otto, M.Nomized, Audio Gourmet, Altus, and Conni St. Pierre.

The challenge tracks

“memory banks corrupted” – Playman54 – Sunset Sunrise (2018)

…kind of major to minor, it’s more about dementia, how as some reach their final years sadly the scary dementia sets in. It’s kind of what I have seen within the home I work in, and also the fear maybe we all have that this will happen to us.

“Kaleidoscope Skies” – Glenn Sogge – Sunset Sunrise (2018)

All done with Reaktor (DRON-E, Prism, Space Modulator) plus EQ and reverb. The NOD-E generative sequencer for Reaktor used to drive the DRON-E and Prism synthesizers.

“Sunset, Sunrise” – George L Smyth – Sunset Sunrise (2018)

A little over five months ago I started working on this piece. The idea was simple, start with something dark and end with something light. However, the more I worked on the opening, the more it reminded me of the state of things in our country and unlike when there was this much division fifty years ago, at least back then there was an ending point, something I do not see so easily now. So the project became larger in scope and meaning, and more difficult to find a way to move from the dark to light.

A pollyannish approach was required to envision a transformation from the current condition to a place where I used to live. I want so much to believe that people will come to understand that nearly all of us in this country are descendants of people from other countries, and that that has been one of the major factors in the creation of our incredible union. So this is more a piece about hope than reality, and even with Pollyanna sitting on my shoulder, at the end is a reminder that even in the best of all worlds, there is always an underlying ugliness waiting for someone to stoke.

Sunset, Sunrise was written for Flute, Alto Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Bass Drum, Gong, Marimba, Vibraphone, Harp, Violin, Viola, Cello and String Bass.

“Magdalenian Sunrise” – Tony Gerber – “Sunset, Sunrise” (2018)

For “Magdalenian Sunrise”, I took two existing tracks to create it. The first track is from a release I put out in the 90s with noise artists and instrument builders, Chris Blazen and John Sharp. We just went by Blazen/Sharp & Gerber… I took an edited portion of the Magdalenian Cave track and cross faded it over nearly the entire length of the piece into a lighter sounding solo track I have recently recorded for an upcoming album. The result of the long crossfade was very desirable for me when listening back to the final result. It now creates more of a sound collage listening experience… John Sharp is no longer with us and I like to think of this piece perhaps representing his earth experience going from the darkness and demons, to now, on the other side… the light…

– Gerbtone

“I Shall Fear No Evil” – Palancar – “Sunset, Sunrise” (2018)

One of two tracks that came screaming in at the last minute (thank you, Tony and Darrell!), this one was created by Palancar in only a few hours, as he “…was up late and pulled this out in the wee hours.”

The library tracks

“Slow Motion Sunset” – Tone Ghost Ether – Condor Sail Curve (2008)

“Dark Sky Opening” – Max Corbacho – Nocturnes (2017)

“Sunrise in Eden 04 Realization in Exile” – Matthieu Bélanger – Claude Lassonde – Christopher Short – The Pearl ~ Reflections in Glassine Subliminality (2014)

“Sunrise” – Robert Otto – Ambience (2015)

“Forest Sunrise” – M.Nomized – This Music Plants Trees (2015)

“Mist Before Sunrise” – Audio Gourmet – Earth’s Exit Door (2008)

“Daybreak” – Altus – 24 Hours (2001)

“Starset at Sunrise” – Conni St. Pierre – Beyond The Sky: Legends Of The Starry Night (2003)

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