This weekend, At Water’s Edge is back at the western edge of the U.S., and the program today reflects that, with music that spans two decades and thousands of miles. It’s beautiful here in Southern California (now that the fires have come under control a bit), but naturally, while we’re away, there is as we speak a massive snowstorm looming over the southeast U.S.

Today’s program focuses on the water, and the hills of the west coast. We’ll hear from Greg Hurley, Paul Nagle, Stephen Briggs, SiJ, Bing Satellites, Jack Hertz, Pamplemousse, Ontol, Sonoprint, and Ozone Player.

“California” – Greg Hurley – Welcome! (1988)

“Window on the West” – Paul Nagle – Moments of Reflection (2003)

“Western Hills” – Stephen Briggs – Earthbound (2018)

“The Water Shrine” – SiJ – The Water Shrine (2014)

“Ocean waves at nighttime” – Bing Satellites – Little house by the ocean (2017)

“Linda Mar” – Jack Hertz – Pacifica (2014)

“Morning In The Bay” – Pamplemousse – (Unreleased, 2001)

“Low Blue Western” – ontol – The Postlamp Sessions I (1996)

“Ocean Waves” – Sonoprint – Water Music (2008)

“Water Dwellers” – Ozone PlayerVideozone (2001)

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