The Long Dark

Next week, the 29th of December, is the winter challenge episode (so send in your tracks!). We decided to make this week and next week a two-part series, with next week devoted to the challenge, and this week devoted to the solstice. So they are

  • “The Long Dark”
  • “Night of the Soul”

This week’s episode features library tracks from a variety of artists, including Altus, Lucette Bourdin, Ontol, Brother Saturn, Christopher Short, Emerald Adrift, Jack Hertz & Wolfgang Gsell, and Cousin Silas & Wolfgang Gsell.

Next week so far features brand new tracks written for the challenge by Carbonates On Mars, Museleon, David Gerard, Jack Hertz, and Spiral. If you’d like to participate in the challenge, we still have room left, and you have a few hours. The challenge is to create a winter holiday track that doesn’t rely on the usual devices such as sleigh bells.

Read the challenge list here:

“Wintergreen” – ontol – The Postlamp Sessions II (1996)

“The One Hundredth Name of Snow” – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 1: Winter (2011)

“These Winter Skies” – Brother Saturn – Songs For A Broken Piano (2015)

“Winter Sunset a Crystalline Wonder” – Christopher Short – GuitartronicsWinter Soundscapes (2014)

“Winter Embrace III” – Altus – Winter Embrace III (2008)

“Winter Antiphon” – Emerald Adrift – Evening Hush (2009)

“A Cold Winter’s Light” – Jack Hertz & Wolfgang Gsell – Sleeping Trees On Earth (2017)

“Winter Reed Beds” – Cousin Silas & Wolfgang Gsell – And Memories Fade (2015)

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