In the North Carolina Highlands, also known as Asheville, forecasters are predicting snow this weekend. And since Spiral did a show on “Ice”, it stands to reason that “Snow” should be today’s topic on At Water’s Edge.

We’ll hear all kinds of snow music from all kinds of artists in the RadioSpiral library, including a collaboration yours truly did with Scott Lawlor some years ago called “Recollecting the Snow”.

Grab a blanket, stoke up the fire, heat up the cocoa, and join us for “Snow” from At Water’s Edge.

“Overnight Snowfall” – Tim Kays – Phenomena (2015)

“Rubber and Steel v. Snow and Ice” – usr/sbin – After the Road Closed (2010)

“Snowflakes in the Moonlight” – Kuutana – Snowflakes in the Moonlight (2015)

“Recollecting the Snow” – Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves – Recollecting the Snow (2015)

“Walking In The Snow” – Shane Morris – Silver Storm (2015)

“The Snowflake and the Star” – mindSpiral – The 1 Is Silent (2005)

“The One Hundredth Name of Snow” – Lucette Bourdin – Nordic Waves, Vol. 1: Winter (2011)

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