"crushed glass" found on the asphalt of an uncrowded road after glass bottles were crushed (and partly reduced to powder) by the repeated passage of vehicles.

This week was to be the “Harmonium” challenge, where artists were to take glass sounds (struck, rung, sung, blown, etc.) and make music of the sounds. We only received a single entry (thank you, Cloudwalk!), but the topic inspired a fascinating show anyway.

We’ll listen to artists’ interpretations of glass in various states — shattered, smooth, stained, still, and much more. We’ll hear the challenge track from Cloudwalk, and then turn to the RadioSpiral archives for works from ʞu¡0ɹʞS, John Koch-Northrup, Bing Satellites, Luna Firma, Max Corbacho, Robert Rich, Tone Ghost Ether, Tony Gerber, Numina, Emerald Adrift, EugeneKha, Michael Brückner, Thom Brennan, Pallid Mask, Jack Hertz, and Altus.

Hour 1

Challenge Track: “A Momentary Glimpse” – Cloudwalk – Harmonium (2019)

“Blessed Ordinariness” – ʞu¡0ɹʞS – Blessed Ordinariness (2017)

“Movement in Glass” – John Koch-Northrup – Temporal Arc (2011)

“Glass” – Bing Satellites – Of The Seven Seas (2014)

“Glass Bottom Boat” – Luna Firma – Falling Towards Atlantis (2016)

“Transept Sapphire Glass” – Max Corbacho – Ars Lucis (2009)

Hour 2

“Belltone Glass” – Robert Rich – Live Archive Volume 4 (Alien Zoology) (2001)

“Three Drawn Still” – Tone Ghost Ether – Guard Lock Skin (2008)

“The Moment Before The Glass Shattered” – NuminaDreamsleep (2006)

“Broken-Glass Arcades” – Emerald Adrift – Shifting Labyrinths (2011)

“Glass Wars” (Remastered 2015) – EugeneKha – Glass Wars (Single) (2015)

Hour 3

“Glass Bells” – Michael Brückner – Movies Moving In My Head (2000)

“Beneath Still Water” – Thom Brennan – Strange Paradise (2001)

“Driftglass” – Pallid Mask – Summer Solstice Performance (2018)

“Glass Ceilings” – Jack Hertz – Mechanics of Blue (2016)

“Torrid Sands” – Altus – Macro (2008)

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