This week was to be the “Harmonium” challenge, where artists were to take glass sounds (struck, rung, sung, blown, etc.) and make music of the sounds. We only received a single entry (thank you, Cloudwalk!), but the topic inspired a fascinating show anyway.

We’ll listen to artists’ interpretations of glass in various states — shattered, smooth, stained, still, and much more. We’ll hear the challenge track from Cloudwalk, and then turn to the RadioSpiral archives for works from ʞu¡0ɹʞS, John Koch-Northrup, Bing Satellites, Luna Firma, Max Corbacho, Robert Rich, Tone Ghost Ether, Tony Gerber, Numina, Emerald Adrift, EugeneKha, Michael Brückner, Thom Brennan, Pallid Mask, Jack Hertz, and Altus.

Hour 1

Challenge Track: “A Momentary Glimpse” – Cloudwalk – Harmonium (2019)

“Blessed Ordinariness” – ʞu¡0ɹʞS – Blessed Ordinariness (2017)

“Movement in Glass” – John Koch-Northrup – Temporal Arc (2011)

“Glass” – Bing Satellites – Of The Seven Seas (2014)

“Glass Bottom Boat” – Luna Firma – Falling Towards Atlantis (2016)

“Transept Sapphire Glass” – Max Corbacho – Ars Lucis (2009)

Hour 2

“Belltone Glass” – Robert Rich – Live Archive Volume 4 (Alien Zoology) (2001)

“Three Drawn Still” – Tone Ghost Ether – Guard Lock Skin (2008)

“The Moment Before The Glass Shattered” – NuminaDreamsleep (2006)

“Broken-Glass Arcades” – Emerald Adrift – Shifting Labyrinths (2011)

“Glass Wars” (Remastered 2015) – EugeneKha – Glass Wars (Single) (2015)

Hour 3

“Glass Bells” – Michael Brückner – Movies Moving In My Head (2000)

“Beneath Still Water” – Thom Brennan – Strange Paradise (2001)

“Driftglass” – Pallid Mask – Summer Solstice Performance (2018)

“Glass Ceilings” – Jack Hertz – Mechanics of Blue (2016)

“Torrid Sands” – Altus – Macro (2008)

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