Spectacular sunset over Bayboro, North Carolina, November 2018.

On this edition of At Water’s Edge, we look to the skies. Inspired by a track sent to us by The Ambient Visitor that carries us over from last week’s Glass challenge, we travel “Through Clear Skies” into tangerine skies, open skies, dark skies, winter skies and more.

Hour 1

“Through Clear Skies” – The Ambient VisitorThrough Clear Skies (2018)

The glassy sound you hear on this album is just that, a recording of a Chimay beer glass that produces an amazing clear and prolonged tone when struck. 

The Ambient Visitor

Hour 2

“Under A Tangerine Sky” – Carbonates On Mars – Under A Tangerine Sky (2016)

I came up with this a couple of summers ago. I had listened to my first ever ‘At Waters Edge’ podcast and it featured Women Of Ambient Music. Then after listening, I came up with this track.

Some of the sounds in this piece are field recordings taken from the environment while out soaking up the sun.

Carbonates on Mars (Gareth Farmer)

“The Sky is Open” – Syndromeda – Birth of A Black Hole (1999)

Hour 3

“Dark Sky Opening” – Max Corbacho – Nocturnes (2017)

“I Will Explore Winter Sky” – Ben Cox – multi threaded (2003)

“Left of the Sky” – Forrest Fang – Following The Ether Sun (2017)

“Sky” – Mystified and Daniel Barbiero – Numinous Transmissions (2014)

PS: We’ll be premiering Forrest Fang’s latest release, The Fata Morgana Dream, on next week’s program, so tune in to at 12 noon Pacific for a show of music about fate and destiny.

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