Forrest Fang released a gorgeous album a couple of weeks ago (OK, really, which of his albums aren’t gorgeous?). We’ll feature a track from The Fata Morgana Dream, and around it other works from the RadioSpiral library contemplating fate, destiny, and various paths we might take through the cosmos. We’ll hear from Max Corbacho, Grégoire Lourme, Pas de la Dame Sauvage, Alien Nature and Michael Brückner, Alpha Wave Movement, Team Metlay, Dan Pound, Robert Carty, and Jarguna.

“Mandala” – Max Corbacho – Lost Links (2011)
“Fate” – Grégoire LourmeLife (2015)
“Paths To Unknown Spaces” – Pas de la Dame Sauvage – Underground Futurist (2018)
“Deep Into The Future” – Robert Carty – In Neptune’s Wake (2013)
“The Hinge Of Fate” – Team Metlay – Bandwidth (1993)
“To the End and Back” – Forrest Fang – The Fata Morgana Dream (2019)
“Waiting For A Call From The Unknown Part 1” – Jarguna – Waiting For A Call From The Unknown (2012)
“Mandala” – Alien Nature (Wolfgang Barkowski) & Michael Brückner – The Dark Path (2017)
“Cosmic Mandala Part I “- Alpha Wave Movement – Cosmic Mandala (2009)
“Shaman’s Path” – Dan PoundHeart’s Core (2005)

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