Mountain I

Last week, I put out a request on Facebook for tracks about mountains. So many artists responded that the original idea became a three part series.

The reason for the request is that I wanted to get your help celebrating the move to our forever home in the mountains. So we get to celebrate for weeks with tracks from artists all over the world.

Listen in this episode for tracks by such diverse artists as Antara Annemarie Borg, Cousin Silas, Thom Brennan, The Lovely Moon, Skoddie, Numina, Altus and more. And BONUS– we’ll also be playing a track from the brand new album by Mirror of Dreams, a new collaboration by our friends Har and Kris Tilbury.

“Denali The Return 2019 Mix” – Antara Annemarie Borg (2019)
“Back To Heaven” – Cousin Silas & Theothersideofwho? – The Emporium Project – 1point4 (waag_rel127) (2019)
“Mountains” – Thom Brennan – Mountains (1987)
“Mountain Rain” – The Lovely Moon – Moonlight Drift (2013)

“Wisteria Garden” – Mirror of Dreams – Land of Forgotten Destiny (2019)

“Wisteria Garden” was one of the first songs Har and Kris worked on together for the album, and started life as a beatless instrumental synth track Kris had worked up some time ago before Har joined (which is also actually how a number of other songs started as well). Kris then worked on the lyrics and melody, and mentioned that she thought it might be cool if the song had a Chapman Stick bass part, which Har then worked up on his 10-string Chapman Stick as well as the drum programming and guitars. The song then evolved from there as we worked together on it.


The lyrics are based on a setting in a place called Afton Villa outside of Baton Rouge. “…it’s one of my favorite places, even if it is sad.” . The first time Kris had visited, she was getting over depression and being there was almost like a catharsis, in a gothic-romantic way.


For the record, Har for once played normal 6-stringed guitars on the song. LOL
though he actually did play much of it on a guitar with only 5 strings on it, and in a weird non-standard turning.

Har and Kris Tilbury, Mirror of Dreams

“Up There, Over the Lake” – Skoddie – Vol. 10: Synthscapes (2018)
“Resurrection of the Stone Giant” – Numina – Subterranean Landscapes (2011)
“Mountaintop” – Altus – Earth (2003)
“Mountain” – Robert Carty – Ecoroots (2014)
“part one” – Hypogeum – Anticline (2016)
“Mountain” – Pamplemousse – e(scapes) (2001)
“Glacier Wind” – Conni St. Pierre – Mountain Spirits (2009)
“Church Mountain” – Erik Wøllo – Different Spaces (2017)

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