Mountain II

Panoramic image of Asheville under a clear sky with mountains in the background. Picture by eurimaco, CC BY-SA 3.0

A few weeks ago, I put out a request for mountain tracks for At Water’s Edge. I thought I’d do “a show” to celebrate our new home in the mountains of western North Carolina. So many artists responded with tracks that it turned into a three part series. The first one aired on 16 February (and the podcast is here), and now after a short delay we bring you the second of the series, and the third comes around next week.

On today’s edition of At Water’s Edge, we’ll hear from Tony Gerber, George L Smyth, Scott Lawlor, Boson Spin and Glenn Sogge, GI1, Ombient, Paul Nagle, Robert Scott Thompson, Deep Chill Network, Ozone Player, Gypsy Witch, Michael Brückner, Equinox Deschanel, Robert Carty and Gerard Geary, Church of Hed, Beermother, Cousin Silas, and Luna Firma. Phew! Yep, it’s a lot of artists — because it’s a lot of wonderful tracks.

“Kitt Peak” – Tony Gerber – Blue Western Sky (1994)

“I Taste The Mountains” – George L SmythHaiku (2018)

mountain silence (Naviarhaiku 162) – Scott Lawlor4 years of naviar haiku (2018)

“Where The Mountain Should Be” – Boson Spin & Glenn Sogge – Stasis (2017)

We live about 45-50 miles from the 11,000 foot Mt Hood (the lodge – Timberline – was the exterior of The Overlook Hotel in The Shining.) So, it is a constant on the horizon when we drive around the local hills and dales. Except when the clouds roll in from the Pacific 120 miles the other direction. Hence, the title.

All the tracks on “Stasis” have something to do with time standing still (or not if Heraclitus is right) – the Columbia River’s stately flow, the busy racket of a forest fire storm, etc.

Glenn Sogge

On Garret Mountain in January” – GI1 – (2018)

This track developed from a Moog Mother 32 rhythmic base, the bass from a Moog Sub37 and a Moodscaper background. The Fairlight CMI V1 vst from Arturia is used as a recurring echo which will end the musical passage in chaos, while the Kaossillators are used for soloing. Getting my feet semi-modularly wet.

Gianni Intili

“Incense and Mountain Wind” – Ombient (2016)

“all the colours” – Paul Nagle – the silent kingdom (2019)

“Buckna to Broughshane” – Robert Scott Thompson – TELEMETRY (2017)

“Glacier Ridge” – Deep Chill Network – Heart of the Tundra (1999)

“Miniature Mountains” – Ozone Player – The Mind Gap (2018)

“I Run O’er Misty Mountains” – Gypsy Witch – Journey Through Wild Places (2017)

“Kailas” – Michael Brückner – Antiferromagnet (2016)

“Radio Free Krakatau” – Equinox Deschanel – Radio Free Krakatau (2018)

Radio Free Krakatau is a set of VCVRack explorations based on a picture of a VCVRack setup posted on Facebook. I could not see all of the interconnections, just the modules and a few of the patch cords. 

I set up the modules and the cords I could see, then experimented with the remaining interconnections to find interesting outputs. These tracks are the result. 

Interestingly, I lost access to the machine that I originally composed these tracks on, and the one backup I had did not contain all the VCVRack setups. so the tracks themselves are the only remains of the process.

Joe McMahon

“Mt. Meru” – Robert Carty and Gerard Geary – Mount Meru (2003)

“Painted Desert and Mountain Sky” – Church of Hed – Rivers of Asphalt (2010)

“Lone Mountain” – Beermother – Synthony (2017)

“Friars Ridge” – Cousin Silas – The Snow Imposed Silence (2010)

“Snowcaps on the Edge of Darkness” – Luna Firma – New Horizons (2016)

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