Mountain III

Spring is coming to Appalachia, and Mr. Copland had the right of it: there is nothing like it in the world. This is home. I’d forgotten how much I miss springs like this — the trees are in flower, the daffodowndillies are poking up their cheerful little heads, and the world is waking up…

We celebrate with the final installment of the “Mountains” series, as today we ascend to mystic heights with another blend of short and long form tracks.

On today’s playlist:

“Elevation” – Sequentia Legenda – ETHEREAL (2017)

Sequentia Legenda is the Berlin School electronic music brainchild of French artist Laurent Schieber. Inspired from the beginning by the likes of Klaus Schultze, Tangerine Dream, and other such electronic musicians. He has just released OVER THERE, a project 35 years in the making.

“Annapurna 2k2” – Metlay! – After Silence (2002)

“Elysium Mons” – Palancar – Elysium Planitia (2011)

“The Hill and the Hole” – Har – Obscura (2010)

Link to Mountain” – Anantakara – (2019)

“High Atlas” – Jack Hertz – Dreams of Morocco (2013)

“spirit of the mountain” – Carbonates On Mars (2017)

“The Dark Peak” – Bing Satellites – Accidental Music Volume One (2010)

“Mountain Spirits Ghosts of Plain” – Mystified – Into The Rift Volume One (2016)

“Climber” – Robert Logan – Sculptor Galaxy (2017)

“Everest” – Brother Saturn – Everest (2018)

“Philmont” – VAERNA – My Tunes (1980)

“This is the last song my mother heard before she died, and was her favorite. Imagine an entire Boy Scout troop whistling this. It happened! The master and long play of Philmont is available on iTunes.”


“Uncultivated Upland (Thing 412)” – Daniel Robert Lahey – Uncultivated Upland (2016)

“Wind’s Volcanic chants” – playman54 – Venusian Dreams (2015)

“Mountains” – DeepWarmth – Nature 3 (2015)

Part of a new release scheduled for the 29th of March, this track is signature DeepWarmth, with a subtle pulsing evocative of steps or heartbeats.

“Ascension” – Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana – Live Archive (2000)

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