The Edges of Dreaming

We have left the water’s edge and now drift on the edges of dreaming. Dreams can be beautiful, terrifying, dark, sad, angry, nightmarish, sweet. We explore some of those dreams on this episode.

Today’s episode marks a number of milestones:

  • The seventh anniversary of At Water’s Edge
  • Your host’s birthday (we won’t say which one)
  • The most epic response to a challenge that we have ever received
  • The end of At Water’s Edge, but the beginning of The Edges of Dreaming
  • The broadcast premiere of Land of Forgotten Destiny by Mirror of Dreams

The challenge for today’s episode was simply to create a dreamscape, with no other rules attached. Many artists came forward to offer tracks that were drifty and surreal, scary, dark, weird, and more, recognizing that dreams aren’t always unicorns and butterflies.

It seemed perfect to pair the challenge with the new album from Mirror of Dreams, so we get a special long episode today to celebrate all the yumminess.

The Edges of Dreaming

  • “Sleeping In The Gutter, Dreaming Of The Stars” – Mr. Spiral
  • “powernap” – JonR
  • “Jacob’s Ladder” – Museleon
  • “Where I Was” – Equinox Deschanel
  • “luminism” – Jan Ross
  • “The Cinema of Sleep” – Tim Kays
  • “Dreamtime Zero” – Glenn Sogge
  • “Mountain Rain Dreaming” – Pallid Mask
  • “The Dream Frequency” – Carbonates On Mars
  • “NZ Tears” – Object of Desire
  • “Shimmering Dreams” – Anantakara

Land of Forgotten Destiny

“Land of Forgotten Destiny” is the second full album release by the atmospheric/ambient rock duo Mirror of Dreams. 

In 2018 founding core member multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Kris Tilbury (formerly of Paper Gods, Wintryfrost, Above the Skyline, and My Darkest Time) joined forces with fellow multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Har (solo ambient/prog-metal artist, guitarist for Christus & The Cosmonaughts and Elmodic). The results of their musical alliance – the new nine song album, “Land of Forgotten Destiny” – displays their shared diverse musical backgrounds ranging from ethereal atmospheric dream-rock (“Broken Memory; Desolation”, “Wisteria Garden”), hypnotic tribal rhythms (“Aphelion”, “Sanctum”) and spacious evolving ambient soundscapes (“Broken Memory; Resolution”, “The Orrery at Twilight”) – to edgy industrial/experimental (“Hysteria Garden”, “The Lacrimosa Experiment”) and classical (“How Fair This Spot”). 

Featuring Kris Tilbury’s operatically trained vocal prowess and multi-instrumental skills, along with Har’s multi-instrumental and production talents – “Land of Forgotten Destiny” is an exploration of darkness and light, with journeys into new territories along the way.

  • Hysteria Garden
  • Aphelion
  • The Lacrimosa Experiment
  • Broken Memory; Desolation
  • Sanctum
  • How Fair This Spot
  • Wisteria Garden
  • Broken Memory; Resolution
  • The Orrery at Twilight

3 thoughts on “The Edges of Dreaming

  1. I didn’t realize only challenge tracks were being considered for this program, with the expressed purpose of releasing a compilation. I will be mindful of future challenge programs if that is the format of “Edges Of Dreaming.”

    1. When we post a challenge, consideration is given first to tracks that are composed specifically to meet the terms of the challenge, and those tracks go on the album release. If there’s room for other tracks after all the challenge responses have come in, then we air previously released tracks. We don’t include previously released tracks on challenge albums because it dilutes both the RadioSpiral release and the artist’s original release. There has only ever been one exception to that, and it was because the track met the terms of the challenge so precisely that we thought it should go, and we made sure the artist was OK with it first.

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