Return to Berlin

Rituals, journeys, and the circle of life on today’s edition of The Edges of Dreaming, with another foray into the Berlin-Schule and its heirs.

A few weeks ago, Sequentia Legenda released an album that has been a dream of his for quite literally decades. A longtime devotee of this style of music, Laurent Schieber had spent years collecting the technology and expertise to pay homage to the style in his own unique fashion. Over There is the breathtaking result. We’ll feature a long-player from it, as well as tracks from Sequential Dreams, Phrozenlight, Frore & Shane Morris, Jim Ottaway, Christian Fiesel, Fabio Keiner, Eric “The” Taylor, Cloudwalk, and Tim Kays.

Several of the tracks are from Legacy and Evolution, the tribute compilation we released a few years ago to commemorate the passing of Edgar Froese in 2015.

“Journey to the Heart of Time” – Sequential Dreams – Lost Dimensions (2015)
“Gaia (A Suite In Two Parts)” – Betzler & Brückner – TWO (2015)
“All Sequenced” – Phrozenlight – Gerommel (2009)
“Ritual Sequence” – Frore & Shane Morris – Blood Moon (2015)
“Sequence of Life” – Jim Ottaway – Timeless e-Motion (2017)

Legacy and Evolution: A Tribute to Edgar Froese (all proceeds from the sale of this album benefit Dr. Bob’s Sound School, an intensive training program in the physics of sound for youth in Asheville, NC)

  • “New Cosmic Address (Tribute EF)” – Christian Fiesel
  • “zeitlos” – fabio keiner
  • “Ominous II” – Eric “The” Taylor
  • “Speaking in Froese” – Tim Kays
  • “Phoenix” – Cloudwalk

“THE RETURN” – sequentia legenda – OVER THERE (2019)

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