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This edition of The Edges of Dreaming is the next challenge episode: “Crickets”. Artists were to create tracks either using actual cricket sounds, manufactured sounds, or things that reminded them of crickets. Three artists responded with tracks as wildly different as one could imagine.

The rest of the episode is dedicated to twilight, the best time to hear crickets in warmer weather. We’ll hear tracks from Robert Carty, Bing Satellites, Robert Rich, Altus, Loren Nerell, Christopher Short, Phillip Wilkerson, Conni St. Pierre, Paul Vnuk Jr., Daniel Robert Lahey, and C. Reider.

The Challenge Tracks

“Kinfolk” – Museleon

This challenge was to create something that either sounded like crickets or was based on a field recording of crickets.

There are two inspirations for the track Kinfolk.
The title and theme is based on this quote I came across from the author Ursula K. Le Guin
“One way to stop seeing trees, or rivers, or hills, only as “natural resources,” is to class them as fellow beings — kinfolk.”

Secondly, the tiniest birds seem to have the loudest voices and huge personalities, just like people and I’ve always thought of them as our kinfolk. I’ve linked birds with people who are no longer here, so when I see them I still feel connected and they have made sonic appearances in tracks I’ve written such as Blackbird and Wren.

With these thoughts in mind, I began with a very short field recording Cricket chirping.wav by CGEffex on Freesound – Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) –

Listening to the field recording carefully, there were small chirps. After selecting short samples, I worked on them, transforming the sound into tweeting birds. The music is based around the birdsong, mimicking and in a call and response, with the overall effect of trying to create small sounds, fluttering, padding feet, beaks, and flapping wings.

Hopefully, it all combines into something that also expresses the joy I feel when I watch the tiny birds in my garden.

Odette Johnson (Museleon)

“That Just Ain’t Cricket” – Glenn Sogge

This track started with a backyard recording of the critters, and I made four slightly retuned tracks from that, making length and speed adjustments plus LOTS of spectral and other processing. The only sounds were the crickets and then the results and artifacts created by the processing. I tried to get to a “no crickets” result that was, I think, mostly but not completely successful.

Glenn Sogge

“Creeketz” – Jan Ross – Crickets (2019)

The crickets are from a personal field recording I made for a friend, with other random field sounds. I used loops, added rain for ambience, and other random additions.

I did this many years ago, and wasn’t sure I’d find the recordings. I remember I had mics in the grass, and recorded it on DAT.

Jan Ross (JANPOOH!)

The Library Tracks

“Twilight” – Robert Carty – Deep Spirit (1997)

“Late Summer Meadows” – Bing Satellites – Twilight Sessions Volume One (2010)

“The Other Side of Twilight” – Robert Rich – Numena + Geometry (1997)

“Nightfall” – Altus – 24 Hours (2001)

“Evening Sounds” – Loren Nerell – Indonesian Soundscapes (1999)

“Twilight” – Christopher Short – Duende – Day (2002)

“Evening Drift (Extended Mix)” – Phillip Wilkerson – Evening Drift (Extended Mix) (2006)

“Spring Evening” – Conni St. Pierre – Between The Branches: Legends Of The Wild (2000)

“Alabaster Twilight” – Paul Vnuk Jr. – Hymn of Tongues (2009)

“twilight tapestry (thing_034)” – Daniel Robert Laheyweather or not (2014)

“Crickets fall silent in Autumn” – C. Reider – Disappointment Engine (2018)

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