In Second Life this weekend, we’re approaching the final days of SciFi Con. In honor of this excellent and worthy festival, we decided to postpone the “insects” challenge a week. Today, then, we are “Explorers”, and sail through the outer reaches with works by Christopher Short, SPACECRAFT, Alpha Wave Movement, Robert Carty, grüm~pé, Carbonates On Mars, Tim Kays, Phillip Wilkerson, Lucette Bourdin, and Meg Bowles.

“Cosmic Lava” – Christopher Short – Duende – Night (2002)
“Explorations In Space” – SPACECRAFT – Hummel (1998)
“Cosmic Mandala Part I” – Alpha Wave Movement – Cosmic Mandala (2009)
“This Cosmic Life” – Robert Carty – Starlight Volume 3 (2010)
“Protostar Kinesis” – grüm~pé – A Syllabus of Errors (2018)
“Alpha Persei” – Carbonates On Mars – Cosmic Connections One: Stars, Clusters & Nebulae (2016)
“The Blank Canvas of Silence” – Tim Kays – The Exploration of Inner Space (2016)
“Among the Nebulae” (Ambient Mix) – Phillip Wilkerson – The Stars and Afterward (2012)
“The Stars Which Sang” – Lucette BourdinRadiant Stars (2009)
“Beneath the Radiant Stars” – Meg Bowles – The Shimmering Land (2013)

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